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needing help with dermatitis

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Hi guys i am a 17 year old student from scotland i suffered from dermatitis when i was young and it has no cone back but has spread to more of my fingers and i went to the doctors and they gave my ichthopaste and it doesnt seem to be helping what elese can i do?

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Go back to your GP and say it's not working. You could try 1% hydrocortisone which you can buy from a pharmacy or get on prescription. Also keep your hands really well moisturised, i recently took a wee tube of Neutrogena away on holiday and found it really excellent but also found the very soft island peaty water helped a lot and my skin really improved! Also protect your hands from washing up liquid and other detergent type products. I recently bought white cotton gloves to use when cleaning as I realised dusting was aggravating my hands. It's all a bit trial and error........good luck with getting an improvement.

Hi thank you for the advice as my doctor dodnt make it aware that washing up liquid could harm my hands in fact he said it would make it better and i got the 1% hydrocortisone cream today and hopefully it will work x

Hi i was wondering if tou have any reccomendations on soaps i can use that would affect my skin

Ah, I avoid using soap completely! I have tried organic soaps, artisan hand made soaps and good old fashioned Imperial Leather but in the end using nothing but water, or a soap substitute emollient such as Dermol, has worked perfectly well on face, hands and everywhere else.

Also look out for sodium lauryl sulphate (sls), methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone in shampoos, shower gels, face washes etc. They're all known irritants but sls is in the majority of healthcare products & the other two are in loads of them too!

Products free of them are available but you might have to spend some time looking for ones which suit your particular skin/hair type. Try Holland & Barrett, they have a good range.

Hi, my skin likes Cetraben or E45 to wash and moisturise with. Both available in boots & also seen in larger tescos. Washing up liquids used here include unfragranced Surcharge or Ecover but only the camomile one, certainly nothing with lemon. Deodorants have to be sanex as others make me itch. A lot of it is just trial and error but definitely go back to gp if nothing is helping. Prescriptions free here in Scotland too :-)

I have this and take Evening Primrose caps twice a day as soon as my palms tingle. Also slap moisturser on my soles of my feet last thing at night otherwise I can't sleep

Hi, just be mindful that if you're needing to use hydrocortisone beyond two weeks, then it's not working. Ramping up steroid use - either in frequency or potency not a good idea. Steroid alternatives best, and finding and avoiding the trigger even better x

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