Random rashes!

Hi guys, don't know if anyone can help me? I've had a strange skin "condition" if you like for almost a year now.

On occasion I break out in a really hot itchy rash resembling something along the lines of a allergic reaction! It's only ever contained to my thighs, my neck or my back.

As soon as I take an antihistamine it disappears and doesn't reappear for atheist a week, I saw my doctor may 2016 who told me to just take antihistamines which I did for a period of time but I refuse to live on the damn things. Returned to doctor in November who said I have rosacea and to just take antihistamines before!! I was under the impression rosacea affected the face and that's the one place I've yet to experience this...I'm not expecting a diagnosis but anyone suffer with a similar thing? 🌈

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Hi, I'm not sure if it helps but I've also had similar symptoms in the past occasionally for many years, when I finally associated them with wearing new trousers (certain brand) without washing them first (it was always my legs). I had rashes and extremely itchy blister like bumps, and each flare up lasted around 2 weeks. I thought the trousers might be treated with some chemical which I'm allergic to. Since I started to always wash rhem first it hasn't happened.


Wow that's so strange. I honestly don't know what mine can be. Flared up again last night. It's not new clothes - mores a pity I'm only 29 but I never buy any lol

And I only had vegetable stew for dinner so wouldn't say it's what I ate either....need to have a good look at my food diary today! I think it's all associated with my weight and anxiety 🌿


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