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Psoriasis & Lung Diease "pustular fluid "

Psoriasis & Lung Diease "pustular fluid "

Broke out my new microscope and Zumbusch i had apifany.

Well could my psoriasis be making my condition worse NOT that my GP was really interested

Anyway i discoverd there is a psoriasis after i had looked at some of tissue under microscope that can be quite TOXIC and Cause SHOCK FEVER and Chills with out infection,

Sounds very familular given how i have been feeling.

(1) Generalised pustular psoriasis or von Zumbusch psoriasis.

(2) Pustular psoriasis

Picture on TOP left is from my microscope that was undefined psoriasis on soles of both feet with some form of yellow staining that is " pustular fluid "

By all acounts very toxic and very bad if you have autoimmunity lung problems ... can take my word for that .

Picture TOP right is eather (1) or (2) as decribed.

Bottom left right picture is psoriasis on bottom of soles on both feet.

Its shame my GP given my Lung Diease was not as intrested in my latest symptoms.

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