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Itchy and annoying wrists

Let me preface this with:

1. I have sought medical advice to no avail. Medications and creams have not helped, and doctors are perplexed with my issue.

2. I am not allergic to anything that would cause this and itching does not cause it to spread.

3. I do not wear watches or jewelry, my wrists do not come in contact with anything that possibly would cause irritation.

So, for the past 3 years every spring I begin to develope an awfully itchy and at times painful "rash". When it gets wet either by washing, bathing, or sweating the itch factor increases. This "rash" is generally only on the top of my wrist and more prevalent near where the base of my thumb meat l meets my wrist. It normally behind in the spring when I start to become more active and sweaty and lasts until mid winter.

I'm at a loss as to what this could be. No one in my family has skin issues and it only occurs during certain times of the year. It normally occurs in both wrists in the same area, but this far this year it is only on my right.

The bumps do weep sometimes, probably due to my inability to stop scratching. That do not blister and if I am able to leave them alone only ever appear as red raised bumps with no "head" to them.

I'm at a loss as to what this could be and am fed up with my favorite time of year being ruined by itching that is so bad it wakes me up at night. Is sweat induced psoriasis or eczema a thing?

Please help!

I've attached a picture of the beginning of my issue this year.

Any ideas as to the issue or home itch remedies are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

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I share your pain , I wake myself up scratching most night but I definitely have eczema. E45 used to make an anti-itch cream and lavender can also calm irritation if it's the itch that is most bothersome.


Thanks for the helpful ideas. When using the lavender does it leave a mild scent? My wife finds the scent rather pungent. I will definitely give it a try though, every day I notice the irritation increasing.


Try a wee test area with two drops of lavender in cooled boiled water, that's probably dilute enough to to be too pungent smelling.


kinda looks a little bit like Psoriasis x


I was thinking so as well. I'm not sure if I get plaques or not, a it is hard to tell the difference between those and the "scabs" that will soon cover the affected area.

But, I'm not sure why it only flares up during the warm and humid seasons. I was prescribed a topical cream for such treatment, but it only worsened the itching sensation.


You could try eating extra salmon and going for fatty fish. Or even take a high quality MCT. oftentimes being deficient in essential fatty acids will exacerbate this type of thing. Inner oils will relieve it. Add some olive oil uncooked into your diet, some coconut oil. To rub on try vitamin E oil straight from capsule and rose hip oil alternating. xx


I'll have to definitely try this. I knew if E oil for the treatment of wound/scar tissue, but somehow never linked the benefits.

Time to curb the diet a bit and increase self care rituals. Even a slight response in the right direction would be well worth it.!

I sincerely appreciate the feedback. Fingers crossed that this will get my itchy summer onto one of healthy healing.

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