Having sufferd from Psoriasis that as now spead to soles of feet i often wonderd why it ich so much.

On further READING its the TOXIC effect of inflamation cells in our skin tisue that make it ich.

So we will scrap it off ... In my picture you can see on left yellow stained skin that is inflamation in skin tissue plaque psoriasis thats what cause you to ich so much.

Right of picture you cant see any or very little.

I would not recommend psoriasis on soles of feet.

Here is intresting read :

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  • The skin is the largest organ of the body. Psoriasis, in it's many forms, is life changing and often depressing to the affected. We cast around for reasons, cures and generally just scream 'why me'. Nothing can take the place of an experienced Dermatologist. I urge you to seek advice only from a Doctor. Of course you should read and try to help yourself, topical creams that hydrate the skin can be a big help. I have Pustular Psoriasis not Plaque but I have seen people with Plaque and it can overtake the body unlike Pustular which only affects the hands and feet. I am in remission at this time but I know it will come back. Seven years of pain has been lifted for now, so please see a Dermatologist who will help you through this.

    I wish you well


  • Hi Hajoed Cheers yer I have seen doc and won't refer me the say thay can manage it ... I have yet to see results tho like you say creams steroids

    I have other health issues but it all helps to grind you down

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi D3NIS :)

    I am in full empathy as I currently have it affecting both feet and my hands, elbows, head and ears :(

    There are 2 huge blisters on the sole of my right foot which is highly red, painful and inflamed and I cannot walk on it whilst the other foot is also highly red, painful and inflamed. My hands are very similar.

    It started years ago on my scalp when in my late teens to being everywhere now (41).

    I am going back to see a Rheumatologist to hopefully find out exactly what is happening as a Dermatologist diagnosed it as Eczema on my hands :o It is Psoriasis I'm sure of it and am now also concerned that it has developed into Psoriatic Arthritis :o

    I have Hypermobility Syndrome and Fibromyalgia amongst many other illnesses too :)

    I cannot take anti-inflammatories orally and currently only have Voltarol gel to help ease the pain and inflammation in my feet and Diprobase ointment plus others, Double Base Emolient cream and Hydromol Body wash as advised by Dermatologist :)

    I do take many other medications also.

    What do you do/use soothe it on your feet?

    Sending you healing fluffie hugs :)

    Sian :)

  • Hello, you could ask if you could have Hydromol ointment to try. I call it 'Goose Fat' as that is what it looks like. Pat it on, put feet into plastic food bags, pull on some close fitting socks. Heaven! It does carry a warning as it is highly flamable. You can choose to do this night or day but not both. Skin does need to breathe. Night would be best to start as walking in plastic bags is quite a challenge. Use gloves to apply or you will find it difficult to wash off. Dermo. might let you have a sample size to try.


  • Hi Thanks for that I have Diprobase which I call goose fat and have been using it with socks. I was originally given it for my hands but doc said I could use it on my feet.

    I haven't tried it with plastic bags though!

    Sian :)

  • Hi Zeb73 Cheers thanks for reply ... Totally feel for you there sounds like you do have it bad :(

    I thought mine was bad but it's nothing in comparison .. Drfo no how it feels on ears it's tho.

    Think your right Psoriatic Arthritis tho my joints are bad two and fingers I have psoriasis on are swollen.

    As to stuff I take it's just Streriode cream a don't use and centraben cream I do that works ok well .... As to streriode cream I have to be careful as I have lung disease so use steroids inhaler and pills on occasion.

    Thanks for the healing fluffie hugs ;)

  • I would be interested to know when the article was written that you gave the link to, as it's known that people have biologics for the treatment of Ps

  • Hello, I have not heard of bio. treatments, can you tell me more?


  • You will need to see a dermatologist to get this treatment plus funding from your local health authority. You have to pass certain tests to get it as its a very expensive treatment, you inject yourself either weekly or fortnightly depending on which you are prescribed, if you go on the Pappa website it will tell you in more detail.

  • Thank you, I will have a look.

  • Hi all that's what forgot to say was reading bee venom can help with Psoriatic Arthritis pain swelling .... a know you have to be careful but how true claims are not sure it's just what I was reading.

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