Treatments for compositae allergy and eczema

Hi everyone, I've suffered from eczema most of my life sometimes it's not been a problem but these last 2 years it's been getting worse especially on my hands meaning I have to sometimes take days off work. I get small vesicles under my skin on my hand and when they come to the surface it dries my hands and cracks them which turns into the eczema. I get eczema on my neck, forearms and legs but it doesn't bother me as much as my hands.

I've had a patch test 2 years ago and it shows I'm allergic to plants in the daisy family which isn't good seeing as I'm a gardener. I know the obvious answer would be to change job but i really don't want to do that as it's my own business and it's all I've ever done since when I left school 10years ago so I'm exploring all other options before changing job.

I always wear cotton liners under my work gloves and I've used steroid creams on and off for a long time, constantly using emollients, wash with natural soaps, seen all sorts of specialists, homeopath, Chinese herbalist and changed my diets but nothing is long term treatment and to be honest running out if ideas. I've heard of immunotherapy but don't know where or who to contact or even if it would work for me.

If anyone has used immunotherapy or got any other ideas of treatments I'd appreciate your feedback. Cheers

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  • Hi Luke I am with you on this, the small vesicles on hands sound as if they might be the horribly itchy pompholyx eczema.... I have recently had small patches on right thumb and also on soles of feet. I read a post on here by someone who had starting drinking a 'LOT' more water and saw big improvements to skin. I replied asking what he meant by a 'LOT' to get some idea but haven't had a response. Think route to possible immune therapy would be via your GP or dermatologist for a referral. Sounds as if you are doing all the right things to protect your hands from allergens in your job. Good luck with getting things into a manageable state......that seems the best we can hope for!

  • Try evening primrose oil. You can buy them in most super markets. It may or may not be helpful. My theory is that it helps in the production of skin oil.

    Steroid creams thin the skin and in the long term can make matters worse.

    Washing the skin in very mild bleach can be helpful. This has been trialled and found to work. I have used it to stop itching.

    Hope this gives you some useful ideas.

  • Google or look on Facebook for dr Aron!!! I'm just starting his treatment plan with my son., but he has amazing results and not heard of anybody it hasn't worked for. I think it's the closest thing to a cure possible at the moment!!

  • Now, what flagged up to me, was that you say that you use CREAMS. A lot of these creams contain alcohol, and many people react to that as an irritant or allergen as it can dry out the skin and make the steroid treatment less effective. If you haven't tried it, ointments could be better instead, and will act as a barrier layer under your gloves.

    I have to use ointments at the moment for that reason, but I can tolerate Trimovate cream, as sometimes I need the extra antifungal and anti bacterials in it, and only need to use it a short while, then I go back to the ointment.

    There is a problem with some of the steroids at the moment though in the UK, and I use Betnovate 1 in 4 ointment, which is off the radar at the moment, so it gets infuriating when the GP or Chemist suggests cream alternatives to me, saying they aren't that bad, but the steroid needs to be very strong to overcome the drying effect with me.

    The pustules sound really painful - I hope you find a way to sort it out. I am a gardener, and I always forget to cover my arms when I tend to my Hollyhocks - ouch!

    Good luck XG

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