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Eczema around eyes - Any Treatment advice?

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Hi! Several months ago I started noticing red marks on my eyelids and above my eyes. This was during an asthma flare up. The doctor has since confirmed it's eczema and it's the first time I've experienced this. I was given Hydrocortisone cream (1%) which I used for 2 courses and this has cleared it up by about 80%. The last 20% is proving very difficult to clear up, and I'm very wary of using this cream repeatedly around such a sensitive area.

Can anyone else recommend any treatments for completely clearing up eczema around the eye area? It's not itchy at all just slightly red and sensitive. I live in the UK so that may affect which options are available to me.

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!

8 Replies
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Dear Tyson88,

Because of the , Very Sensitive, Nature of eyes I'm going to Recommend that you see, your Doctor, again. This, really is, the Safest Option I'm afraid- suppose that I, or someone else, Suggested 'something' that Severely Harmed Your Eyes..... Do you see (excuse the Pun!) what I'm driving at.

Sorry that I Can't Help, my friend, it's Far Safer, for you, to see your GP.


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I have seen this on someone else and it is not a one solution to the problem. In the UK, sufficient Bit D is difficult in this season. Start with a supplement of it. I would not put any steroidal cream near the eye. No make up or soap or anything harsh. moisturise with fragrance free light lotion. not v hot water in shower. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and berries. Avoid processed foods. Eczema needs internal help.

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I have had eczema before during and after covid (on my eyes) was given cortisone which helps.I was also told to use Cetraben ointment at night -(could be used during daytime but as I wear glasses its difficult to see anything with it on at daytime) I also have dry eyes so need to use a lot of drops for that.

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Hydrocortisone is perfectly ok to apply around / near eyes but apply a thin layer 2/3 times a day and stay indoor during the daytime. If you want to go outside during daytime, you need to wash it off.

The problem could be, some doctors would prescribe a stronger version of another corticosteroid since it is not working well - that means, Hydrocortisone will not work as good as it currently does. So, try to stick to Hydrocortisone and not upgraded it as long as possible. However, if it doesn't clear up, do see your doctor regardless.

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I recommend Lancome Nutrix cream it is expensive but it will last about 1 year and it is the most exceptional cream

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From my many years of experience, it is also worth taking care of natural supplementation. Sometimes a thing like black cumin oil can reduce or even get rid of eczema or other allergies in a matter of weeks. In fact, the source of the problem often lies within the body, and this holistic approach has helped me. There are many different herbs and substances that can help, it is worth reading about it.

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Thank you all so much for your help with this. I have started using a vitamin D supplement which seems to have helped a bit. I'll also give the black cumin oil a try as I like to try holistic supplements in the first instance. If I'm still having issues, I will then go back to my GP for further guidance. Thanks again!!!

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hello I am also suffering from excema around my eyes and some patches on my face.. how long did you use hydrocortisone for? I am so terrified of topical steroid withdrawal where your body is all inflamed for months!!!

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