Trouble with blister eczema

I have recently had trouble from a tiny pinhead spot of 'blister' eczema (which I think has a name and is fiendishly itchy) on sole of right foot which appeared out of nowhere and spread to about the size of a 5p piece. I treated it with eumovate which dried up the blisters but also dried out the top layer of skin, exposing a fairly raw lower layer. I have found the most effective treatment for this is germolene. I used it as I was concerned about the raw skin becoming infected and eumovate seemed too strong. Does anyone else have a better way of dealing with the 'blister' type? Years ago the palms of my hands were affected by it and they cleared up when I stopped using Persil Bio washing powder.

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  • It may be Pustular Psoriasis just starting as I had the same experience and it affects the hands and feet. Please ask your Doctor to refer you to Dermatology as soon as possible. I spent two years with dozens of prescription creams that did nothing and Acitretin ( spelling) to which I am extremely allergic. Once referred they tried many different treatments and, six years later after being unable to walk for two years, we seem to have settled on a treatment that is working well. Psoriasis is inherited, you cannot 'catch' it but it also without a cure. It can be managed very well once the medication that's right for you is found. Trial and Error but please get started as soon as possible even if it turns out you don't have it, Dermatology will find out exactly what it is and treat accordingly. I would hate anyone to go through the pain that I did. Love to hear how you go on with this and wishing you the mildest possible dose of whatever it turns out to be. There are prescription liquid soaps for personal care and a great skin cream Doublebase Gel for all your skin, also on prescription. You can buy them but they are very expensive.


  • You can get blisters with eczema. If it responds to Germolene then your are likely reducing bacteria colonisation on the skin. Eczema can get infected easily and one reason is in eczema skin loses moisture and cracks appears between cells. Bacteria such as Staph Aureus live on skin and when skin is vulnerable they colonise and cause irritation by releasing toxins. Firstly go to your GP and get it diagnosed. It may be what Jane said but rather than self diagnosing get your GPs opinion. Otherwise there is a new product in the market (not on prescription yet). It blocks bacteria colonisation by virtually stopping the attachment of the bacteria to the skin. At the same time helps moisturising the skin. I keep this in my pharmacy and it is very expensive. It is sold on line too. This may help your situation but first get this diagnosed and if you need name I can provide you with the name later. Once you know what it is then use ample moisturisers to keep skin suppled. Double base is a good moisturiser but others also available and less costly.

    I check the symptoms against medication you may be taking and there is no reported side effects. Good Luck with your GP consultation.

  • Hi,ive just come across your post .This is exactly what my daughter has.can you tell me the name of the new product .Thanks.

  • Thanks all xx

  • Hi all just to let you knoiw that i have a GP appt next Wed for a 'skin care review' so will keep you posted

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