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Ocd repeating word

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Hi I've been dealing with something from the past and me holding it in, it made me get anxiety and repeating thoughts and images. The person from my past his name keeps repeating in my head every minute all day and night. I went though this before and got through it but I was stressed and it came back and started again. Does OCD make you feel like you need to think of the repeating though to feel better? I try to forget about the name but I remember minuets later that I need to think about it again and if I don't my anxiety gets all crazy like I need to think about it to feel better? I know it's all in my head but it's hard. Anyone else went through this?

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I think it might be a mental tics probably or obsessive thoughts my brother has OCD

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How do you get rid of it

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I don’t know I’m so sorry 😞 I can try to find something for you that can help

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Yes please

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CBT can help you

My brain makes me feel I need to repeat news headlines if they cause me anxiety and go over and over them again and again. I used to sometimes do this for weeks, and months but now I can control it better thanks to some techniques I've learnt. One I use it to write down a headline that bothers me, set an alarm on my phone, and look at the headline once an hour then I don't look at it again for another hour. Maybe you could try this with the name you need to repeat?

YES I can relate to you I'm sorry your going through this know that you will heal from this someday here are some youtubers that help me cope with my OCD you should give them a try they're a big help :)





I Repeat Constantly With Ritual’s And Word’s.

Hello Kayyy12. I think yeah it's OCD because of the repetitive anxiety you keep getting. I've dealt with this since I was 15 and when my OCD started back then I got disabled from doing my daily activities. BUT I learned later however that this OCD can be treated. Seek out Cognitive-Behavioral therapy or Exposure Response therapy. These therapies teach you how to control your anxiety and compulsions. You can also find tips on youtube to help treat it. Don't feel bad about yourself cause it's not your fault. You can feel much better. OCD won't go away permanently but it can be manageable to the point where you'll feel happy again.

My brain experiences this as well thru extreme stress. Some things I find helpful is writing in a journal to dump everything about what is bothering me and it helps me unload. In addition to that, walking, repeating mantras instead, and consuming myself in an activity starting at 5 minute increments to build more tolerance. It’s so frustrating but there is a bright side. I believe in you

Do you mind if I ask what about the name is troublesome for you? No problem if you don't want to, or would rather talk privately.

Also, the compulsions are there is reduce anxiety, except that it only works for a little while then comes back. It doesn't matter what the compulsion is, in my case I had to repeat certain words to "negate" the bad, or negative thoughts.

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