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Need someone to talk

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I need someone who has ocd to talk with me because I can't deal with my ocd any more I'm so tired

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You have reached the right place! We are all willing to talk to you 😊

Feel free to chat me(if that’s an option I’m not sure how this works yet). I also have just been exhausted by my OCD. I have the privilege to be in therapy, but my compulsions(which relate to cleaning) have become so exhausting that most days I just want to lay in bed and not move out of fear I will have to go through an entire cleaning ritual. My therapist tells me it will get better, but it’s hard to get through it until then.

Been there with cleaning rituals. Am so much better now. Meds and therapy for OCD are so helpful. Are you getting help? My problem was that I HAD TO clean house every week moving all furniture and would cry most of the time or be angry that this was happening. I have learned alot and able to put into practice a few things that have helped me so much. Feel free to Private message me to talk about it if you like. :)

Hi there. Health OCD sufferer for 15 years here. Happy to chat/Skype to you whenever you want to. I feel your pain. This is hard, and it has been even more harder later. I don't gav access to therapy so coping with meds and doing ERP on my own. Send you good vibes 💪

Hi there! I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time. I had a melt down on Friday. We are here to support one another. Vent if you have to, we are here to support one another. Best wishes!

Here to chat!

Hey! We got you. I'm thankfully doing better in my OCD journey now. I think it just takes time and consistency. Some days will be great and others won't, and you have to keep going. That means LOTS of self-care, stress-management, therapy of whatever sort that fits you best, and compassion for yourself. You'll look back 5 years from now and be able to manage it all and it WON'T be as tiring! Our beliefs drive everything that we do, and the belief that you will be able to be 1% better each day is amazing and you are neverrrr alone!

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