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Intrusive thoughts without compulsions?


Does anyone have intrusive thoughts without any physical compulsions?

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Yes I have thoughts on fear of dying and cancer

Well I guess I could have been more specific. Maybe more obsessive intrusive thoughts without compulsions. Everyone I'm sure has some intrusive thoughts. I'm sorry to hear that though. I'm sure that isnt easy.

All the time

Same Lindsey.

Are your thoughts dark at all?

Unfortunately yes, so much I dont like to talk about them. I've tried years ago but the therapists I went to weren't much help. I dont think they knew much about what I was going through. I've suffered in silence since. Sometimes i do have moments when its 'dormant'

Hi. I have the same thing. It bothers me everyday for ten years. Medication helps somewhat but doe not take care of everything. I agree that therapists don’t know much about it. When you walk in they seem scared. I have never acted on anything but God it feels so real in the moment and causes great anxiety. Good luck with your journey.

I've been suffering with mine for 7 years, and it's awful and miserable. They dont, especially didnt when I first tried to get help. They were all pretty much clueless. Now it seems its talked about more and professionals are aware of it. I just cant bring myself to talk to anyone right now.

Good luck to you as well, hope things get better for you. 😊

When mine started no one had any idea what was going on. It is miserable. I still don’t think they know much about this type of OCD.

No, unfortunately not. Which is why I am a little hesitant to look for a therapist.

Yes. Constantly. Have you heard the term "Pure O"??

I have heard of it!

I get a whole lot of intrusive thoughts but my outward compulsions are minimal. I wish I knew how to help, all I can say is that to one degree or another, I understand.

It feels nice knowing I'm not alone.

It can be Pure OCD in this there is no observable compulsion. The symptoms of Pure OCD are very tricky as you don't have any compulsions.

When I was postpartum, I obsessed over the death and dying of my new baby. Not long thankfully but never ever would I have ever compulsed on it. It was like my subconscious was playing out the scenarios that I should NOT do. Exposure therapy is extreme and difficult but can help put closure to the ruminating. I obsess about worms in my stuff. I will actually "look" now instead of just obsessing over the potential. It helps as most of the time the worse of it all is in my head and physically acting on it helped me eliminate it.

Kind of random and weird but hopefully it finds you well!

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