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Staying strong amongst a virus, what are you doing to treat your OCD in a time of crisis?

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I called my therapist about the virus. I asked for some assistance and she told me to lean into my fears about the Corona, I said but they are real! She told me to picture myself sick and such! I’m not strong enough to lean into that yet...what are people with OCD doing to take care of themselves ?

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It's a challenge to be honest, I find that a walk alone helps, trying to enjoy a walk when it's not busy before any potential lock down, stay safe ☮️

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Tikirob in reply to Epsom1

Thanks, been walking mostly in the streets, its a step back for me in my treatment but I find I hard to pass others.

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Epsom1 in reply to Tikirob

Yes I understand what you mean there's a feeling of anxiety crossing paths with people some times

Its a challenge, not easy with the germs and fears; though its also as if the whole word in some sort of way has become a bit OCD I was thinking? I am not sure anyone else thinks that way?

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LuvSun in reply to reshon

I know what you mean about the whole world being told to be so careful with hygiene, etc. I have contamination OCD but surprisingly I’m not as freaked out about this whole virus thing- maybe because I already practice all this diligence everyday anyway

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reshon in reply to LuvSun

Me too

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Tikirob in reply to LuvSun

I think for us with contamination OCD this is another page in our book competing with the rest of the fear story.

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Same here. My normal day already exceeds CDC guidelines and finally everyone else is washing their hands and covering when they cough.

My bigger challenge has been needing to stay in the loop on every single development and also a feeling of obligation to correct any dis information. That does really get my stress up.

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Tikirob in reply to reshon

Great call! I was thinking something similar.

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MothFir in reply to reshon

"its also as if the whole word in some sort of way has become a bit OCD"

Yep, but a lot of them aren't very good at it. They'll diligently wash their hands in a public bathroom for 20 seconds, then shut the faucet off with their fingers, put their hands all over the towel dispenser, and grab the door handle on the way out. Makes me want to yell "Amateurs! Move over - I'll show you how to wash those hands!" :)

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reshon in reply to MothFir

I guess we have become sort of teachers and experts in a strange sort of way now.

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Epsom1 in reply to reshon

Absolutely, in this moment it's like our anxieties have temporarily been externalised into the observable world. I'm trying to manage my anxiety by focusing on things that I like doing at home.

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Tikirob in reply to Epsom1

That’s great, I think that’s helping me too. Today I made some calls, looked through old stuff and tried consolidating some of my possessions.

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Epsom1 in reply to Tikirob

Those are good steps that you are taking thank you for sharing I think I will get organized too, in situations like this getting organized helps us to feel empowered and have some control in the circumstance.

I've spent the better part of the winter in a contamination relapse but have been doing better lately, and so far the coronavirus hasn't affected my OCD much. Maybe because my imagined fears are always so much worse!

I do feel for all those affected, either because of health concerns or the stress of the closures, isolation, and uncertainty. Keep in mind that the apocalyptic atmosphere of canceled events and closed public spaces is actually a good thing that hopefully will slow the spread.

I went trail running in a nearby national forest yesterday and that was a nice respite from the news. It's important to be informed, but don't focus on it 24 hours a day. Remember your OCD will always magnify a real danger. Avoid apocalyptic thinking and follow official guidelines to keep yourself and others safe, and you'll have done all you can. Then try to ignore all the OCD alarms telling you it's not enough.

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Tikirob in reply to MothFir

I have been doing okay then having short but high anxiety spikes. It’s so cool you are trailing running and keeping fit during this time.

We are in a crisis situation with the virus.

The best way is to follow the guidelines in whichever country you are residing.

Sit with the anxiety and the feared consequences.

The anxiety will be high in the beginning, and then it will get lower.

Accept the thoughts as they come.

The thoughts will slowly lose importance, and fade away.

I hope this helps.

This is my FIRST time being part of a forum with people like me. I am grateful for this community. As I read posts, I say yes me too! No one I know can relate. I imagine how comfortable I would probably be in your presence. Trusting that our minds think alike and knowing we have like company.

On the other side, people are reaching out to me for support knowing I have OCD. I feel strength balanced with my fears. As I keep riding the wave, I am embracing it all.

Thanks all. We are truly in this together. AKA even though we are isolated, we are truly not alone.

Hi Sarahjean and thanks for such a nice post. I had a couple of old friends check in too because I have OCD and it felt great.

But without this group it would be so much harder- thanks to everyone responding.

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