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Family support living with OCD

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Good morning! My partner has been diagnosed with OCD and I am struggling with learning how to support but not enable him. What resources are available? Also, how can I begin to get a sense of what is normal and symptoms I should be concerned about? Thanks for your help!!!!

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Hello there,

The IOCDF has a great section on our website for family members:

This contains a lot of helpful articles and videos which will guide you in supporting your loved one and making sure you're not accommodating.

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Thank you! I will check it out!

There’s a lot of books written for families- one particularly good one I like is by Jon Hershfield- “When a Family Member Has OCD”. Very informative.

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Thank you! I had gotten a book called brain lock —it was good for taking about OCD but not much help for families

Good evening!

This is a common issue for loved ones of those who suffer from OCD.

There are numerous resources, including this very community.

I hope that you have learned a lot from consulting the link that is in Alex’s response to your post!

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