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Trouble with OCD at work

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I've been having trouble dealing with OCD at work lately. This is an old fear, but I'm afraid I'm going to forget or miss something and that it's going to get someone hurt or killed. I know that with anything, there is a possibility but it's small; and nothing we produce is perfect; and the are quality controls, reviews, discussions, etc.

However, I'm avoiding certain tasks or certain opportunities since I'm afraid they'll trigger my OCD. What really hurts is that, just a few months ago, this wasn't bothering me at all. It was great to be working freely and to be tackling complicated issues. Now I'm worried about if I say something "wrong" in an email.

This is also leading me to fear that I'm going to lose my job since I didn't feel I'm "doing enough", even though (so far) everyone seems okay with what I do.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so is there anything that helped you? I am just saddened and frustrated because I feel like I go to work everyday with a pit in my stomach.

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I always experienced those thoughts when I was working. Always tried to go above and beyond to be so accurate so I wouldn’t make any mistakes and cause others to be harmed in some way. It really slowed down my productivity even though I was so conscientious.

Totally! My fear tho is more that since I'm getting paid I need to do everything perfect. It kinda takes the joy out of it all. Then if I just quick run the vacuum over their floor instead of doing a thorough job I feel guilty. Last week the lady I clean for had wrote down a list of work and it said clean kitchen and I was like what does that mean? Does it mean deep clean or just tidy up? And I freaked out like what if she comes home and I didn't do it right?? Then I was like ok what do I usually do for her in the kitchen and just did that mostly.

Anyway I know where your coming from. Your not alone and I'm interested to see what others have to say about work ocd.

I haven't experienced this but it does sound difficult to deal with while you are also working. I've had thoughts worrying I would want to do awful things. I try to remember it is just a thought and not a fact. This has helped me in the past.

I'm sorry you are struggling. I've made several posts on this subject. You should be able to find them so I won't repeat them here. However, one important key is to slow down, focus, focus, focus. Using mindfulness, focus your attention on the here and now. This should help you keep your mind on the task at hand and less on what OCD is trying to tell you.

I have OCD over the top at work. It is hard to even concentrate on the job itself because I am too worried about whether I will do a good enough job. One other issue I have is anxiety in meetings. Since I have so many of them per day it becomes hard to think.. then my mind starts spinning again. I do what @Fishman123 said. I have to practically yell at myself to "Focus!". Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. Slowing down helps too. One thing my psychologist recommended is a book "Bird By Bird". So, its about writing (I'm not a writer). The idea is that if you want to accomplish you have to break down tasks into small tasks. So, a project is not a task. And you can't accomplish a project. The hard part for me is breaking it down into tasks. But if the tasks are VERY small (no more than an hour) it makes it easier to just do the task. Sometimes the spinning is so bad I just have to go walk on the treadmill or walk away. It also brings me back to center (focusing attention here and now). I'll have to check out @Fishman123's other posts of there are more tips.

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