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Time goes by and i cant control my mind

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feel like the skynis falling i feel lost im tired of crying everyday sometimes i feel like giving upmbut i cant and i wont as much as i feel my world is falling apart and im crawling in my own skin i feel like im fighting to keep my head up from drowning my beautiful boys need me i feel ao heartbroken tore apart and break down in tears all the time like why does this ocd anxiety go after what is most precious in my life my kids my family why😢😢😢💔💔

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Hang in there. It's the nature of OCD to attach itself to the things we care about the most. The vicious cycle of OCD starts when our anxiety is spiked by some doubt or sense of threat, and it's only natural that the doubts/threats that will spike our anxiety the most are those related to the things we feel the strongest about or have the strongest preferences about.

I'm not a professional, but I think that it's important not to try to escape that anxiety by reassuring yourself or trying to control your mind, because you can't control your mind - nobody can. See if you can practice letting thoughts come and go and sitting with the anxiety, without trying to control the thoughts.

You couldn't have said it better!😊

Hi! I know exactly what hell you are going through at the moment, because I have been there too. ( I am a mom of 2 little daughters). What you should always keep in mind is that your brain is firing wrong signals because of how you react to those scary thoughts. They are just thoughts and don't define you in any way! You are a very compassionate person because you react with so much fear and anxiety. Please find a professional to guide you through ERP therapy, it will help you immensly and you will learn how to let your thoughts pass without putting any meaning to them...in time you will get stronger and the bully in your head will shrink. Wishing you all the best and feel free to pm me if you like :)

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I can relate! Maybe we have a purpose in dealing with this to help others. I have recently reached out to teens in my local area who experience anxiety issues. I feel like it gives why I have OCD meaning!

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