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Travel Insurance


Anyone having difficulty finding travel insurance? Went to new York earlier this year and almost found it almost impossible to source an insurance company willing to cover me. At first I thought there must be a mistake then as I called more and more companies the minute I mentioned ET they just said no!!!

Has anyone else found the same problems?

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I use Staysure travel insurance, when you go through the list of conditions it actually has ET. I pay an extra £14.99 on top. I buy annual worldwide as I travel to Europe, Turkey and the USA every year. You can actually go on the web and get your quote without any commitment and get your quote there and then. I have never had to claim so I suppose like any other insurance company that is when you find out the true worth of the policy . However, like any other medical condition once you have had an overnight stay in hospital with the condition it all changes, thats why if like me you are an ardent traveller you need to keep as healthy as possible. I am on Hydroxy 12 per week and Aspirin they keep my counts pretty much stable.

I have Saga annual world-wide excluding North America. I have 500 mg Hydroxycarbamide and 75 mg asprin daily.

I have never had a problem getting travel insurance with ET. I've always declared it and am always asked if I have had a clot, fortunately I'm able to say 'no'. They then ask if I see a consultant regularly and I'm able to say 'yes' and then it seems to be OK. Also I've never had to pay any extra. I have been with Insure and Go, but the Macmillan web site has a link to a list of travel companies who are sympathetic. Good luck and take care.

R8afg in reply to Ginnyhelen

Hi ginnyhelen

Thanks for the reply. I did have a clot on my spleen originally and the insurance companies didn't seen to have an issue with this. It was only a few weeks later and after more tests did the consultant established that i had ET. It was at this point when i was updating the insurance company that they refused cover. Was about to give the go ahead for a single trip policy which was going to cost £600 when I tried direct line. They offered the same single trip policy for £150!!!


I also used to be with 'insure and go' and then 'nationwide' and they both dropped me like a lead brick when my condition changed. I did find this a problem and eventually found one called 'allclear' It cost me £300 for annual multitrip(including USA) for myself and my wife (normal health) I think my problem was that I had a blood cloot in my eye and this compounded the issues with insurance. I must look around again to see if it has got any cheaper anywhere else.

R8afg in reply to dave117

Hi dave117. Im with you on this one.... Next time I'm shopping around a little bit more. The problem is there are too many companies out there and we don't know what's the best one to use.... Would be a great idea if mpd voice through all of us compiled some kind of database for us to choose from


we have a list of insurance companies that have been recommended by patients listed on our travel advice leaflet, if you follow this link and scroll down to the Consider Insurance paragraph you will see a link to the Travel and MPDs leaflet, pages 4 and 5 lists all the companies.

dave117 in reply to Mazcd

Thanks i will have a look at this and investigate them and will let you know how I go on.

R8afg in reply to Mazcd

Hi mazcd. I've just had a look at the link....wished I had saw this a few months ago!!!!

Hi, i insured myself and husband with Et was on there medical conditions list. i did a yearly multi trip for £76.00 not inc america. i have had no clots or stays in hospital, so it might change if my condition became worse. hope this helps

I have been refused travel ins by a few companies including my firms insurance co. I have ET and take 1500mg a day of HU. But also I have had major op for veinous clots in Nov 2010 so that will not have helped. Was happy to be refused though as it got me out of a business trip that I did not want to do - see ET can be good for you :)

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