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Insurance and MPNs

Dear all,

I have never had critical illness cover just life assurance for mortgages, in the past 10 days I have been diagnosed with an MPN - due to mutation of the JAK2 gene as I am sure you all know only too well. So my question is; if I don't know the current specific condition as I am waiting for a bone marrow biopsy apt, could I apply for critical illness cover? Has anyone applied for this after diagnosis and been paid out?

Guess I always thought critical illness was just an easy way for insurance companies to squeeze money out of sensible people, think hindsight could be used here! :-(


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I think you know the answer to this one. ha ha.

I used to work in the industry. As you say, you have been diagnosed with a MPN, a bone marrow biopsy will just confirm the diagnosis. ( I didn't have a BMB until 7 years after my diagnosis). I've had PV now for 11 years. Critical Illness cover includes a lot of questions on the application form that may not be on a life insurance application. An insurance company would not cover you for you then to put in a claim. I would imagine you have no chance of being accepted for critical illness cover. Sorry if this sounds harsh.

I might add that I also had the same thoughts as you re CI cover as it was so expensive. I didn't take it out either!

Best wishes going forward, you will find lots of support on this site and lots of reliable information on mpnvoice.org.uk



Thank you Judy and yes obviously thought as much just thought I'd ask.

Only found out last week about this and am my early 40s don't have any symptoms like other reports that I have read. I refuse to let this change my life in anyway and if anything has given me a perspective to enjoy every moment and live my life to the fullest that I can.

What will be what will be and there isn't much I or anyone else can do to change that.

Am very pleased to have found this forum.

All the very best.



I was diagnosed with ET in January this year. I never took critical care insurance silly really always thought nothing will happen to me. What will be will be 😊

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