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PV and car insurance


Hi all

Can some one please tell me if I have to declare that I have been diagnosed with PV when I renew my car insurance? I don't feel it affects my driving but I don't want to invalidate my insurance if I omit to declare it. What do you all Do? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Hilary

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Hi Hilary, I had PV for 19 years and it never crossed my mind to inform my insurer. I was an operational fire officer required to drive with blue lights and doo dahs and it did not affect my driving performance.

Regards Jr

Hilarya in reply to jr3093

Thanks a lot. I feel safe to drive but my insurer will ask for declared medical conditions. Knowing how they try and avoid paying out on claims I don't want to invalidate my cover.

I have ET rather than PV but have never come across a question that has made me feel I need to declare it when renewing car insurance. Maybe worth shopping around if your current insurer is asking intrusive questions?

Hilarya in reply to AndyT

Thanks for your response Andy . it's good to get different experiences and your advice is much appreciated. Hilary

Most insurance companies ask simply if you have advised the DVLA of any notifiable conditions, rather than go into detail of what the conditions are. That has been my experience anyway.

Thanks for helpful advice Hilary

DVLA reporting is a bit ambigious , it does suggest you notify them for cancer if it affects your driving ability. I personally have not chosen to tell DVLA or my insurers.

Town Crier ET 30 years still going at 72

Thanks for advice Hilary

I never thought to mention it to them but have declared it on travel insurance and I didn't have to pay any extra charge. I asked my consultant last week if PV was actual cancer and she said it wasn't, it was a blood disorder which could turn into cancer in years to come. Is this what other PV sufferers have been told?

Paul42 in reply to Anneian

All MPN's are classified as blood cancers since 2008 by the world health organistation.

It isnt a cancer which spreads to other areas of the body though, its more a technical term to do with uncontrolled cell proliferation (or something like that).

It is useful though as it means free prescriptions if you are prescribed medicne for it, and critical illness claims etc.

Most travel insurers do have PV on the list of conditions available and mostly they dont seem to charge extra, you do however have to make sure they are aware if you have any knock on effects as a result of the condition. So for example because of my large spleen i have varices in my stomach..as a result of this my insurance is usually affected.

Hilarya in reply to Anneian

Thanks for responding. I'm still confused over the issue of whether PV is classified as a type of cancer or not. Perhaps Maz can clarify Hilary

ladymoi in reply to Anneian

Yes I have been told by my consultant that ET is not cancer. He said I am at greater risk of developing an aggressive Leukaemia.

I have found travel insurance is a very difficult matter as there have been so many questions they have asked but my replies have not met with their computer data requirements. Shopping around takes a long time as each company has different criteria .

I"ve never had a problem with renewing my driving licence.

piggie50 in reply to ladymoi

Hi ladymoi and Hilarya,

paul42 is correct. MPN s are classed as blood cancer. Your consultant is incorrect. I suggest you look at mpnvoice.org.uk. This website is excellent and is supported by Prof Clare Harrison, a world leader in MPN's. There you will find everything you need to know about ET and PV. You will find it most helpful when discussing your condition with your consultant. Unfortunately some consultants and most GP s know less than us, the patient. This is an extract from the very first page...

*MPNs are classed by the World Health Organization as a blood cancers because blood cells are produced in an uncontrolled way.

Very best wishes.


ladymoi in reply to piggie50

Hi Judy

Thanks very much for your reply and I will look up that on MPN Voice.

I've certainly never tried to hide anything from Insurance or driving authorities. I hope being honest and open means one is fully covered in all respects.

I never seem to stop learning.

Sincere thanks.

Your health and Dr is your privacy. Do not ans. These questions. Just eye sight and amputees need to have special permission. I have a friend with controlled medically epilepsy and has driven with no problem for years

Hilarya in reply to 30Cross48

Thanks for helpful advice Hilary

As has been said already you only have to respond that any medical conditions notifable to the DVLA have been and that DVLA have NOT applied any restrictions.

If you have restrictions applied because of the condition such as a 3 year licence etc then you do have to declare this.

Cancers are only notifable to the DVLA if you have issues with driving and/or the GP has told you not to drive.

Hilarya in reply to Paul42

Thanks Paul very clear and helpful response

Hi i do not see the need to declare blood cancers personally i feel its more if its sight problems or severe disabilitys, even some mental health issues , but with me if i feel unwell in any way i do not drive , so guess we are all sensible on here and woukd not put ourselves or others in danger by driving if felt ill also with strong pain killers etc be sensible alot is explained with side effects on any medications list included all the best Holly

Thanks Holly sensible advice Himlary

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