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Holiday insurance-yes, that old chestnut!!


Morning all! We've probably been here a hundred times before but can anyone recommend a good travel insurer who takes on PV/ET conditions? Off to see my friend in Spain in May & although I have the inclusive travel insurance via my bank account, don't think this will be comprehensive enough anymore-might as well save the £16 a month methinks! Hope all are in a peaceful place & managing well, Poll x

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Hello, I went to the caribbean in 2013 and got insurance with Insure and Go. they asked if my ET had caused any thrombotic events which it hadn't and so no extra premium.

Hi Poll, I am just about to renew mine, I have been with the AA (0800 912 5005) for the past few years. I have PV/ET and last year the annual cover for Europe was £62.08. They do ask if you have any blood clots.

Have a lovely holiday.

Judy xx

Sorry, meant to say I am age 60. - guess that makes a difference to the premium. X

I use Coverwise - there's an additional premium for my ET but not too much and it's all laid out in black and white in case of a claim - I shopped around and they were best value for a annual policy for me but of course we're all different so get a few quotes...

Hi Pol. I used Staysure when I went to the U.S. last year, no problem, considering I am over 70 and it was the US the price was not too bad. Have a lovely holiday x

Have used Colombus as they seem to be very reasonable, never had to claim thank goodness so don't know how they would be if had a medical problem. Always google first for a promo code before booking.

Hello, Staysure was the one my husband and I used when going to Spain this last Christmas for two weeks. I have MF now so this might have bumped up the price - tried so many others who did not want to know. My age is 67 and apart from MF

have always had brilliant health, no clots.

Hi everyone, just booked for New Zealand looked for insurance and found Staysure, brilliant help, declared PV, answered a few questions and got cover straight away . Have a nice holiday .

Thanks all! Got 5 options now to explore - how wonderful is this forum?!!! Soooo looking forward to some sun even if it's advisable I sit in the shade! Stay well & have a peaceful day. Love Poll x

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