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Hi I was wondering if anyone else has found it difficult to find a alcoholic drink that doesn't cause heartburn/acid reflux?

I don't drink a lot I just enjoy a glass of wine when we go out for a meal or a snack in my place lol I went out to a concert last night and had just 1 small glass of white wine ( not keen on red) and I have suffered with heartburn alright and all of today I've taken my usual meds I know you will probably tell me not to have alcohol at all but if I can't eat a meal I would like to enjoy a small drink any ideas?

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Hmm I would question the quality of the 'plonk' one was given. At certain events it certainly isn't always shall we say a vintage year more a vinegar year. . I know we are all different but I drink a glass or two of decent vino and a few beers - with no adverse affects. A little of you like does you good, you need to treat yourself now and then. Party on x


I agree with everything you said :)

I just wish I didn't suffer for hours afterwards


I always take a Zantac before I have a drink. It works.


I've tried that but doesn't work :(


Hi Margie1,

I enjoy a glass or two of wine or a nice cool vodka tonic. Luckily / unluckily, I have a Hiatus Hernia and also take Clopidogrel for my PV, so take Lansoprazole daily. This stops any acid reflux. I agree with JR. the wine In some places is not necessarily of the quality I would buy at home. If it doesn't taste good I don't drink it. As Spikesana says, Zantac would work.

Good luck.

Judy x


Thanks Judy I've tried Zantac and even take an extra Lansoprazole but it doesn't work even tonic water causes heartburn :( I'm seeing my oncologist soon so I will ask her for suggestions as Lansoprazole doesn't always work even when I don't have a drink

Margie x



Oh lord, I really don't want to sound parsimonious but why stuff your body with chemicals just so that you can enjoy a drink containing yet more chemicals?

I used to love a drink especially white wine or champagne, but it made me feel grim so I gave it up 5 years ago. Just decided that if I was going to feel as well as possible with this jolly old cancer, then I would have to completely change my way of life and way of thinking.....

Why drink or eat stuff that makes you feel grotty?

Other than that try is better than white but if you don't like it you're a bit blooming stumped!

Best wishes



HaHa nicely put Louise. I have just been 'lucky' to be able to have a tiddly widdly likkle dwinky without suffering even though Im fully aware of the chemicals therein. . You have a lovely way with words. JR X


Well thank you kind sir!



I recommend Guinness, settles your stomach nicely....:)


I do drink Guinness for pre match pint when I go to the football lol but I can't drink it and eat food :( oh well I prefer Guinness to food lol


I agree with some of the comments above Margie. I find red easier to stomach than white, but it is the quality that really counts and not too much. I am very loath to give up my one glass with a good meal too. If you take aspirin, make sure its the coated one which really helps stomach problems. I started on lansoprazole changed to pantoprazole then changed to coated aspirin and don`t take any "prazole" now!!


I would avoid astringent white wines. Have you reflected on time of day and food? A meal which is proportionatly high in fats or oils may encourage the stomach to produce acid and this will be unpleasant, especially if eaten late and lying heavy on the Tim late at night.


Hi guys I have had to give up the wine or any alcohol as I feel awful after it, fatigued, dodgy stomach, acid reflux, indigestion, not worth it!! Can't eat later at night either, on omeprazole. Take care, happy non alcoholic cheers.xx Aime


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