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First Trip to Shops Since Early March


So I decided to go to the shops today

Though a tad apprehensive I have to say

Was I feeling all at sea needlessly?

Well I guess i'll just have to wait and see

I donned my mask and packed me gel

Confident both would serve me well

Then set off on my first expedition

On my quest for some good nutrition

Alas, when I was out I found a fair bit of resistance

From numbers of folk to socially distance

So it's good to be back in the sanctuary of home

And twill be a wee while til I once again roam.

That kind of sums it up really. The first shop had little by way of any distancing guidance in place and no restriction on numbers. There were a couple of notices around but they were paying lip service. Fortunately it was quite large so we were able to avoid most folk. We were the only ones wearing masks and got a few odd looks which didn't bother us. One woman who didn't look in good health was coughing a bit as she passed us which annoyed me a bit as she ought to wear a mask even if her cough is normal for her.

The second shop was a much better experience and I felt much safer though the time we went at 6pm helped as it's normally very busy. Again we were amongst a handful wearing masks and a couple of folk got in our space a bit and one muppet thought it was funny. This is what you have to contend with.

The risk of catching the virus was brought home to my wife and I a couple of days ago when we just found out a friend of ours who owned a couple of shops locally caught the virus and passed away in April on his own in hospital age 57 with no underlying condition we were aware of and leaves a wife and 3 children. So very sad. It makes me angry that many folk still aren't taking the threat seriously.

So if like me you decide to venture out please wear your mask, use your gel and don't be intimidated by those who think it's either gone away, a big joke or both.

Regards - Chris

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I’m glad you got out Chris but, I agree with everything you have said, it sure is stressful, I have ventured out a few times and each time I’m glad to get back home. Unfortunately a great percentage of people don’t seem to know what 2 metres is! I think it’s worse now everything is being relaxed than it was a few weeks ago.

Take care Chris

Judy xx

LoubprvVolunteer in reply to piggie50

Hi Judy!

Lovely to finally meet up!

We have a full house here with younger daughter home from London 10 weeks ago, my sister in law, and elder daughter husband and twin boys.

And two dogs.

Chaos but wonderful. We might not see Claire James and the boys again until the new year - James we hope will keep his job flying for easy jet, but he won’t know if he’s picked up the virus on the plane because he might not show symptoms. Hey ho.




piggie50 in reply to Loubprv

Lovely to meet you too Louise, albeit virtually! Lovely to see your new pup too. Gosh you have a busy house. Good luck. Xx

JediReject in reply to piggie50

Hi Judy, generally my good lady will do most of the food shop and in fact she did today at 8.30 am in our local Aldi (other supermarkets are available 😉) and when I picked her up she said it was ok but it was getting much busier by half 9.

I stand by my over-riding feeling that we all still need to take Covid seriously or the situation in Leicester will be repeated across the UK.

Thanks for replying and take good care x


Hi Chris,

Honestly you do make me laugh! I know exactly what you mean. The country is jam pack full of selfish ignorant morons.

We have a lovely walk from the house, down to the lake, round and back again. I passed four youngish folk the other day all walking four abreast with no intention of moving.

I shouted at them “ don’t worry, I‘ll walk in the hedge” - I honestly don’t think they had a clue what I was on about.

I too wear a mask if I go shopping and get a few glances, although because there are quite a lot of retirees up here, there are probably more masks than where you are. We old folk I think are more aware of the dangers.

This ghastly plague is still alive and well and ready to pounce - my mother’s nursing home who couldn’t possibly take better care of the residents, are currently being tested for the third time.

I do wonder though at the gap between reporting a suspected case and being tested - it took 5 days, and then another two for the results. Meanwhile presumably carers came and went.......

What a muddle it all is.

Take care and stay alive! All the best.



Chaz1 in reply to Loubprv

That must be down to the area that the care home is on for the time scale. One of my guys at work found out on Tuesday that his daughter had been in contact with someone who now has a positive test & he & his family had a test within 3 hours & the results were back in 20 hours. So from when I sent him home (& bleached absolutely everywhere, thankfully everyone keeps 2 metres away at least as a large space) to getting the results was only 24 hours. Thankfully all was clear.

LoubprvVolunteer in reply to Chaz1


You’re right.

Barrow. Terrible health care. Fortunately all negative.


JediReject in reply to Loubprv

Hi Louise, lovely to hear from you. . Yes don't wrap it up there re the morons . . . We find its mainly the younger generations who think they're immune in some way and won't move over for you.

The testing time lapse you mention really just isn't good enough to contain things should it come back positive. Especially as the test and trace seems to be woeful and there's talk of standing many involved down. A muddle as you rightly say and it's no good saying lessons will be learnt after the fact and more lives lost.

Take care x

Hey Chris & Judy... :-)

Not that my Report from the 'Land of Oz' is about to make you feel any better...

Because I do care for my 84 yo mum, (who thinks that we've all been doing all this for long enough now), doesn't care how much trouble I am going to to keep her safe...

Normally, for almost everything we need, I am the gopher... I am not complaining, as this was something I signed up for, (for many years while working across Sydney I barely ever saw my mum, so it's kind of nice to help her out for a change...)

However, recently, I have once more 'bitten off more than I can chew'. I started a bicycle mechanic's course. 40 min's up the road... and since then mum has let trades into the house 'unprotected'... Has a hairdresser booked for Saturday arriving at the house, who incidentally has just returned from our ski fields, where there is potential cross-contamination w/ Victorians, (Victorians are the most affected in Oz at present.

... I'll Post pictures later, (maybe?), but even in the course, (small student numbers), there is very little Physical Distancing taking place...

Me, how I am feeling...? Extremely fatigued and extremely stressed...

Really uncertain about attending the next section of Training next month...?

Just now in Oz, we are seeing some growing CV-19 numbers re-emerging, and almost no one seems to be taking anywhere near enough notice... I realise that I am sounding quite bleak... However, I fear that I no longer need to fear having an MPN, or CTs, of ASCT, as I might not ever need be concerned with such trifles... (?)

Sorry, wish I had a more positive note to end on... pardon the pun... ;-)


Dovme in reply to socrates_8

I was reading about the situation in Melbourne leading to a new Victorian outbreak - your right Steve some people lack basic common sense and personal responsibility. Let’s hope it’s managed and lessons learnt - stay safe

Hi Steve , ,I'm sorry you're feeling both stressed and fatigued you need to maybe ease down a little and recharge that Duracell battery of yours coz I marvel at your energy levels when I read of your on going achievements.

It's good you're able to help your mum but seems like she isn't helping herself or your good self. . Would be kind of amusing if it wasn't serious. A friend has his Mum in Law living with him and in the early days of Covid she was the same, inviting her friends round his house for coffee etc. He tried to reason with her over it but it fell upon deaf ears.

I read about the outbreak in Victoria and that 10k had refused testing, dunno why but it does seem a bad situation and I totally get why anyone recently visiting there would be of concern.

And as you say maybe your MPN threat to your life is the least worry at the moment . .

Always good to hear from you buddy.

Take care

My condolences too Chris... (sorry I neglected to add them earlier as I am so frustrated & my ire is palpable at times...)

For your friend you mentioned, and so young too... just 57... 3 kiddies too... Such a shame...

It seems to me, (when one really considers this CV-19 and its consequences), that we are all complicit in such tragedies if in our ignorance / arrogance our actions should in anyway contribute to such terrible outcomes... Very sad indeed buddy...

Mum's a tad dotty at 84, but please don't tell her I said so... :-))

I have contacted her hairdresser, so hopefully all will be well... this time... I hope...? :-\

Part 1. of my course finishes tomorrow... and I really don't mind because while finding it extremely fascinating... I am also continually distracted by others not maintaining their Physical Distancing (PD), and the stress is adding to my fatigue levels big time...

I'll be ok though I am sure... :-)

Cheers buddy... stay safe & well Chris...


mhos61 in reply to socrates_8

Steve I totally empathise with your situation.

I care for my 94 year old Mum although she can still manage some of her needs. Additionally, my husband has also been Shielding. I have no problem with any of this, but it’s the responsibility of reducing their risks as well as my own to Covid that has been stressful at times.

We had to have a call out from an emergency plumber for a leak, it had to be done. My Mum also had to have some home maintenance and a home visit from a health care worker for a blood test. I was so on edge at the thought of strangers coming into the house. The outcome was I felt none of these visits met my perceived standards of safety, despite prior conversations claiming otherwise.

It is the things we can’t control that create the most stress.

Steve, I wish you well, and hope you manage to find a way to de stress and complete the second part of your course.

Mary x

socrates_8 in reply to mhos61

Hey Mary... :-)

C'est la vie... w/ CV-19... or so it would appear at the present...

On the up-side, Pt.1 of my course completed today, and apparently I managed it all better than my own perceptions reported back to me... if that makes any sense at all... It's just possible I expect too much from others, as I expect so much from myself... (?)

In any event, 'De-stress' will take place tomorrow w/ a nice long (cold), but lengthy ride, I hope... (?)

It has almost been two (2) weeks now since my last outing...

So looking forward to it too... 8-D

All good here Mary... Thanks for your support as always... 8-)

Stay safe & well...



Sorry to hear about the current rough patch my friend. Can certainly understand how you are feeling. I hope you can find a way to de-stress and recharge your batteries. I hope you do carry on with your Training. Moving forward is better than staying still re. knowledge. I am starting to think I am going to have to go back to graduate school to get answers to the questions I have.

Thoughts and prayers headed your way. I planning go jump in the river and quaff a brew. It is bloody hot and humid here in West Virginia and a good soak is the way to go. Will heft one on your behalf!

Cheers Hunter... 8-)

Thanks buddy... definitely sounds like a great idea... Can't wait till summer returns here...

But planning my first RIDE for a freezing Sunday, as Pt 1 of my course concludes today...

Been nearly two weeks since my last Ride...

Stay safe & well ...


JackLina in reply to socrates_8

You're in a minimum of three extremely stressful situations. How could you be anything but stressed. I spent over 5 years being main carer for my mother, whilst continuing to study for my law degree and keeping my own home going. She allowed anyone who came to the door to sell her everything from tree cutting/removal services (totally unnecessary and carried out by a nameless person of no fixed abode) to 'a carpet that's just left over from a job just completed' . That turned out, when unfurled around a year later because she didn't need it, to have a huge fault dead centre which rendered it unuseable. She paid £400 for the carpet, the tree removal man who had left an entire tree lying across the lawn in the front garden was 'only helping the nice lady' and after I told him to remove his arm from around my mother's shoulders, managed to get rid of him by giving him a fiver to remove the bloomin' tree.

Between that and 'escorting off the premises the social services 'lady' sitting at the end of the bed telling her how many people she could bring around to repair the perfectly fine garage roof for £250, the rear garden for goodness knows how much and every other con-merchant in the area to improve her life no end, to the constant flow of demands for donations (which she sent) and for things that were going to improve her life no end, it seemed the primary interest of everyone in contact with her was to rip her off.

Ah yes and there was the day I arrived just in time to 'remove' the financial adviser who was 'advising' her to sign her house away for less than half its value. I thankfully arrived to look after Mum in good timetime to remove the pen from her hand, just as she was about to sign.

She didn't have any money problems. She wasn't well off but had all she needed and a good pension but she had she did need company and to receive 'presents' through the post. My father had handled everything financial and all the home maintenance. Mum had never needed to worry about that side of things and she just didn't know how.

When she died I found three separate life policies, from the same company that she'd been paying for nearly 15 years. They were all promising everything would be paid if she insured herself for £25 per month. They just paid the funeral costs!

Sorry to be morbid but I feel for you. On top of your two main causes of anxiety, you have this damn pandemic to contend with. It's not easy but I think you may be doing everything right for your Mum. Remember, you can only control your own destiny. try to go with it where Mum's concerned. Believe me, I've left out the other bits unrelated to finance and scary people. ~there were looooaaads! Keep smiliing and think of your future once qualified!

socrates_8 in reply to JackLina

Sounds eerily familiar...

Yes, all sorts of fun too... It can be very stressful, and the stress does seem to render me more and more incompetent at times... I grow angry very easily at the stupidity of people, and especially where this CV-19 is concerned...

We can al be such an incredibly selfish lot, in my view...

Best wishes...


JackLina in reply to socrates_8

True! I came face to face with a young girl on her bicycle as I came out of my front gate. She glared at me as if I should get out of her way but I just stood waiting for her to get off the pavement or at least to wait until I had crossed to my car. I made the mistake of telling her that it seemed reasonable, as it was a pavement she was cycling on, that she waited for me to use it before she continued. No mask and approximately 17 years of age, she rode around me whilst hurling abuse.

We're in a different world! good luck with your mum and remember, you're doing your best but you will still be here long after she is not. you need to prepare for your future.

I was as much of a headache to her when I was growing up. Stay safe.

socrates_8 in reply to JackLina

True... 8-D

That is what I keep telling myself too... Plus I want to keep her around for as long as I possibly can... She is the families oldest grand old matriarch these days...

Stay safe & well...


JackLina in reply to socrates_8

And she will appreciate everything you do. Role reversal of these proportions is difficult for both. All the best


JaK2ET in reply to JackLina

As an MPN snail/tortoise I've only just caught up with your posts on this thread. I felt a strong sense of recognition when I read your story of caring for your mother. At present I'm trying to recover from a period of several years in which I became increasingly involved in trying to help my parents (both now dead) in their declining years; I believe that the associated stresses may even have contributed to the origins of my own MPN illness.

My parents lived in a prosperous area with quite a lot of other older people in the local population. Such areas/postcodes are targets for scammers looking to exploit vulnerable elderly people who are comfortably off but not as sharp mentally as they once were. Before I and my siblings became more closely involved, our parents had already been conned out of thousands of pounds by "boiler house scams" linked to bogus "investment" opportunities. They also received endless charity appeal mailings and nuisance 'phone calls. After my mother's death, my father even seemed to become the subject of attention from one or two women who may have been interested in capturing a "rich widower" for their own benefit?!

Probably we made the mistake of delaying too long before calling in help from professional carers. The vast majority of those who assisted my parents were excellent, genuinely committed to supporting and caring for the vulnerable elderly (and the struggling family members/informal carers too); their contribution restored the balance when set against the wickedness of the scammers and exploiters.

My father died late in 2019, before the (official) start of the CoViD19 crisis in this country (UK). I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that additional worry on top of everything else and I take my hat off to all of those who are now trying to care for elderly relatives or other vulnerable family members in such difficult times while dealing with their own illness as well.

JackLina in reply to JaK2ET

Thank you for taking the time to repond to my message. It really is a unique situation, isn't it? One that cannot be described to anyone who has never had the experience. When you say you are recovering, how are you doing at this stage? My mother died on our wedding day in 2004. I am certain at exactly the time we were taking our vows, many miles away from where she was being 'cared' for in hospital. the fact that she couldn't travel with us to be a part of the event was upsetting but the fact that she died on the day effectively took the whole day from us.

Fifteen years later, I still feel the anxiety that caring for her in her final five years produced. How selfish does that sound? That is probably what gets to me most. It makes me feel selfish when she really needed me. None of what happened to cause that stress was down to her behaving badly. It was due to the removal of independence and the resentment she built up when she really did understand that I was looking after her and she thanked me often.

I suppose she became like a rebellious teenager, who took things into her own hands because she was being prevented in other areas. Who knows? I'm still pleased I stuck with it and maybe it was those years (and a few previous before she got really bad) that caused my ET JAK2+ but I have a feeling she may also have been suffering an MPN. When I look back at her many symptoms and various treatments, I think perhaps she was not diagnosed.

I suppose I have recovered, to an extent but I so wish I could go back and change just two things. When she lost herself for a while and told me she'd been somewhere else (other than sitting in her lounge) perhaps to a carer's home for the morning before I got there, when I knew she had been nowhere but imagined it; why could I not just let her think it was fact instead of telling her otherwise?

Or in her final days, when she mistook a view from her hospital window for a cat sitting at the top of a fire escape beside a door and asked me what that cat was looking at or waiting for....why couldn't I just let it be a cat instead of telling her it was an inanimate object that she'd mistaken for a cat? She loved cats and it would have been her happy memories that made her 'see' a cat.

Those are the regrets.....

JaK2ET in reply to JackLina

... but your expressions of regret, still intense after more than 15 years, serve to show how deeply you cared for your mother ... Did she have dementia? Mine did (and loved cats, too).

Thank you for your message. I think it may be more appropriate for me to reply through the private message channel, rather than on the public part of the forum, so I will find out how to do this as soon as I can ...

Best wishes ...

Hi Chris great to hear from you. It’s crazy how people just don’t take care, it’s as though they don’t believe it could possibly happen to them.

I broke my wrist recently so have had a few trips to hospital, including an overnight stay to have it wired back together. I am terrified every time I go as even some of the staff are very casual about wearing masks. People walk along the corridors 3 abreast so it’s impossible to avoid them!

Stay safe and well.

Karen xx

Hi Karen, I'm sorry to read of your recent injury, Ouch ! Sounds a painful one. Hopefully it's healing well. It's true that hospitals can be risky places as my Sis in Law works in our local one and some of the staff (admittedly not on Covid ward) aren't taking it as seriously as they ought by not wearing their PPE or disposing of it directly after patient contact. Her manager had meetings with 4 staff squashed in her tiny office so increasing their risk.

I know they're busy and under pressure but many there have tested positive including my Sis in Law who was very careful. Unfortunately she passed it to her husband who has COPD and ended up in hospital. Luckily both have recovered as it didn't attack their lungs.

I too am concerned about hospital appts but my next in August is by phone and then a physical appt in October all being well.

Take care and get well soon Karen. X

Thanks Chris, it certainly is painful. So sorry to hear about your sister and her husband, but it’s good to hear that they are now recovered. Take care xx

Hello Chris so well done on your trip out to the shops - such shame other people's ways prevent it being a good experience - we live in a selfish old world and the elements of society that are that way effect all, especially those of us at risk - we can only work within it eh - I know my consultant said they are disappointed that face masks have not been made a must in shops as it would help those vulnerable so much - I think we all look now at ways of doing bits of "normal" in a safe way or a slightly different way - I am enjoying doggy walks in the park now nice and early so just there with a few doggy walkers all waves from a distance, nice to be amongst life whilst apart from it, go a bit later and it is full of people that don't have any intention of keeping a distance so my new norm is out and bout at 6am, I would rather be early and enjoy it. Good idea you had to go to shops 6pm - keep thinking I may try a garden centre so will use your idea for a late visit - when I am brave enough!! All the best Chris to you and your wife, always pleased to see your posts and know you are ok.

Hi Jill, thanks for your reply. Yes I'm doing OK thanks. A tad jaded maybe with being largely housebound. I see masks are being made compulsory in shops in Scotland. My Sis in law North of the Border gives us a regular 'Nicola says' update. I think the rest of the UK should do the same fttb.

I too take our doggie for a walk and have a few shouty exchanges with other doggie people. I really enjoy this time out.

I think you visit the garden centre before Summer has come and gone.

Take good care too. . ,

Hi Chris, like the poem and puts it humorously how we feel when we go out. I've been going to local Co-op once a week. At the start it was almost 1 in 1 out. It's now up to yourself to keep a distance. Last week there was a middle aged couple who insisted in being as close as possible to me. Rather than say anything and getting a load of abuse I started coughing and then said laughing I hope it's my asthma and not this damned virus. Had more than 2m after that 😁😁. Take care all.

JediReject in reply to mark382

Nice one Mark, a good strategy to deter folk who insist on invading the 1-2 meter rule. It's a pity one needs to resort to such tactics but some folk are brass necked.

It will likely worsen as time moves on. But we won't be clear of this for some time yet I fear.

Take care

Hi Chris, glad you managed to get "out"! I've been to my local shop/post office twice, they don't allow more than 3 people in at a time, and there hasn't been anyone else in when I've been. I never thought I'd approach a post office counter wearing a mask! I've made loads of masks for friends and family and all are wearing them. I've made some with Star Wars characters on for my sons. I always put lipstick on before I go out which I know is pointless when wearing a mask but I still do it! I'm going to brave a slightly bigger shop today, but if it's busy I won't go in. A friend went to Tescos in our town centre and had to leave immediately as people were crowding together and pushing and shoving, no distancing whatsoever, the staff were trying but people ignored them. I've got a drive through covid test today as I've got a hospital appointment on monday. I suppose I'll have to take my mask off for that! Hope you and yours stay well


JediReject in reply to lizzziep

Hi Lizzie , , how vain are you 😁 putting lippy on under your mask. . I might try that it will be funny when I remove my mask in the shop just enough to show my wife I'm wearing lip stick and pursing my lips at her in a kissing way. I'd best not put her high heels on though.

What's of real interest is the fact you're making Star Wars masks. WOW. I want a full set.

Where did you get your material please.

Good luck with your test, hope it's negative! And your hospital appt too. . .

Take good care

lizzziep in reply to JediReject

I got the Star Wars fabric from Vintage Sweethearts an online fabric shop , I haven't got any left now or I would have made you one and sent it. I made my sons one each and then their mates wanted them as well so it's all gone! The test wasn't too bad, when I finally got to the right place. I'd been told the wrong one and when I found the right one they hadn't got me on their list, it was sorted - eventually! I've been in a little Asda, it was ok apart from 2 women with 5 kids between them who weren't oscial distancing, I went back to the doorway until they'd gone and then got the very few things I wanted. It was strange being "out"! Stay safe.

JediReject in reply to lizzziep

Thanks for that I'm going to check it out, will beat using one of my SW socks or Ts but I've an old duvet with Stormtroopers on which I could maybe use.

Glad you finally got your test.

We had to contend with dodging a few largish family outings to the shop which I realise will happen as you can't just leave kids at home but the family takes the whole aisle up.

Thanks too for your offer, I bet your son's mates were well happy I know I would be.

I take my hat off to you Chris. I haven’t ventured out yet apart from blood tests and transfusions. There is a very scary piece on the BBC news website today about the effects of Covid-19 on the body and brain. This is not a disease to be messed with and even the doctors are admitting they are winging it in a lot of cases, having never seen anything quite like this before. How can anyone think this is funny. The article I read should be compulsory reading for all the idiots who are taking this so lightly and not observing the rules

While I am desperate to see my grandchildren I can’t accept that seeing them now might mean that I can’t welcome the third one in October. Thank heavens for FaceTime and my son and daughter in law send me little videos of things they’ve been doing - the most recent was daddy having his face painted by a two and four year old. He was still smiling at the end too😂

I have to wonder, as I’m sure many in my position are, when I will actually feel safe again. Even vaccines aren’t necessary 100% effective often. BUT I can’t spend the rest of my days being scared can I? There is nothing in the the retail world that would tempt me out but family will be the big test of my fortitude

Keep smiling and showing us your poetic talents but above all keep safe my friend. Love Jan x

JediReject in reply to beetle

Hi Jan my friend. . Yes I thought twas about time I plucked up the courage to go to the shops as my good lady wants fresh paper in our bedroom and wanted my opinion on her choices. It doesn't seem long since I did it but I lost nearly 3 years of course in recovery. Gone are the days when you slapped some woodchip on the walls and painted it every 7-12 years. Or if you put a pattern paper on it stayed there.

Both my Sis in law and bro in law had Covid and both have lung conditions. Fortunately both had the mild version which didn't attack their lungs as sis in law has only one lung and bro in law has severe COPD. They were very lucky as I feared the worst for my bro in law who was hospitalised over a week.

As you say good job we have technology to speak to our son's, daughters, and Grandkids. We have seen some of ours in the garden but it's hard not to get involved in their play etc.

Jan there's only you can decide when you will feel comfortable in the outside world but the longer it's left the harder it will be I think. That's why I decided to venture out now, but like you there's nowt much in the retail world that I need, it will be when my local club opens its doors that will be a tester as my mate will text saying "hey buddy fancy a beer and a thrashing at snooker" and then I'll be straining at my leash. 😃

Maybe for your sanity you should try and work out a way to see your family safely.

Take good care xx

beetle in reply to JediReject

Yes Chris. I know you are right. The family with my grandchildren will be going down to Cornwall to my daughter-in-law’s family at the beginning of August and I am setting my sights on seeing them in person somewhere in Devon or Cornwall. Following that I have a feeling that two other of my sons are planning something for my birthday at the beginning of September. I’m just hoping that the promised influx of visitors to Devon and Cornwall from this Saturday don’t bring with them more that their buckets and spades! We have been relatively lucky down here so far but that leaves more of us vulnerable to an influx of tourists. Let’s hope they treat the area with respect.

I guess you’ll be busy doing the decorating so I’m sure a night out with yer mates down the club will be a suitable reward for your labours. I hope you agreed with your dear lady’s choice of paper!

Take care my friend and stay safe

Jan x

JediReject in reply to beetle

Aye I came around to her choice as she showed me some dodgy ones which she knew I'd reject out of hand then sneaked in her paper of choice and it looked good by comparison. Actually like alot of things I think there's a manufacturing and distribution delay.

I hope you get a better class of tourist than we had here in Blackpool of late. But some of the mess left was probably locals too.

I do hope you manage to arrange a meeting in August Jan , do you the world of good.

Regards x

Great to see you are out and about Chris.....Very brave of you after being thru so much.Me ,I have had two trips out since our 'confinement' both to hospital in Toulouse ,an hour from where we live....stringent precautions,every one wearing masks,only two persons in elevators,spaced out seats in surgeons own waiting room,only 4people at the most !!!!

I was stripped of my clothes,put in special bag,dressed in disposable scrubs,which were then binned afterwards....everything here has been carried out to the letter with fines for not obeying rules as to travelling and reasons to go out at all.Its been hard for people but it's worked ,we are a green area.I think you are amazing to battle thru the crazy people there are.

Our daughter is U K ,she tells us of gangs of people invading their farm,not closing gates leaving rubbish etc. What ever happened to England ,that it is now filled with those who do not care about anyone but themselves.

Take care Chris ,your jolly lines of verse are so needed.Best to you and family.Stay well,Sally. (Sorry for the rant!!!)

Meant to say how awful to lose a friend to the damn virus,pity more of the uncaring public do not realise how dangerous it can

JediReject in reply to Inca

Hi Sally good to hear from you. Sadly your daughters experience is only the tip of the iceberg, , well rubbish dump. I don't know what possesses folk to think it's acceptable to say go to the beach in another town for the day and leave all your unwanted stuff half buried in the sands. And fly tipping in the town and country is at an all time high when the tips are closed.

Sounds a very thorough approach by your hospital to keep everyone as safe as possible. I think the UK could learn something.

Keep yourself safe and well . . .

Inca in reply to JediReject

We are lucky I know,that we have a house and land surrounding us.We do have neighbours at the entrance of our Chemin (unadadopted rd in U K) we are at the end and then nothing ,just open countryside.Just bird song,and nature...... Mind you we still have horse and dogs to look after,they are unaware of Covid!!!Was so good to read you and know you are still doing well,so many seem to have disappeared that we were used to 'seeing 'on here.I have 'progressed' a bit with my P V, get very very weary now...age as well of course!So very best again to you and family.Pensees Chaleureuse,Sally

JediReject in reply to Inca

Yes you're right many names have dropped away . As you know I dip,in and out but keep an eye on posts and comment where I think I can add value.

I'm sorry your PV has ramped up and is wearying you. I can relate to that. And as you say none of us is getting younger though of course I now have 2 birthdays after my SCT and will be coming up 5 in a few months !

Pensees Chaleureuse aussi mon amie. Chris

piggie50 in reply to JediReject

Celebrate like a 5 year old Chris. Jelly, ice cream, balloons and pin the tail on the Donkey! 😂 🎂


JediReject in reply to piggie50

Haha Judy, knowing me I may well do , , always fancied beating the heck out of a pinata. . , I will let you know when the time comes. . . , x

Hi, Chris,

So sorry to hear about your friend. Too many people aren’t taking this seriously. Here in the US, 40 states have seen an increase. In Florida, we had 10,000 new cases just yesterday. It’s very scary.

By the way, I loved your little poem. You really are a gifted poet.

Stay safe.

JediReject in reply to Cja1956

Hi Cja, , yes our friends passing came as a complete shock, he was a lovely funny guy.

I feel like dragging all the idiots who ignore all the safety rules to watch someone in intensive care struggling for breath and all it takes to try and save their life but I doubt it would register.

The US is being hit really hard and those numbers are indeed scary. I visited Florida a couple of times when my son was young but I suppose Disney is closed at present.

I like toying with words but funnily enough I've not been inspired to pen much in the last couple of years, was too busy getting on with life before it was all brought to an abrupt halt by the virus !

Take good care. . .

Hi Chris,

really enjoyed your poem, it’s a piece I’m sure we can all relate too, I know I can, especially the resistance to social distance reference. I didn’t realise how disrespectful some people can be, so many examples!

Anyway, glad you finally made it out, even if it was tinged with anxious moments, it’s not an easy decision by any means.

Condolences to you and your wife on the loss of your dear friend. It certainly brings it home when it’s that close.

Take Care Chris

JediReject in reply to mhos61

Thank You for your reply glad you liked my wee rhyme, sometimes I find its the easiest way to express myself. I haven't been to the shop since but I might need to go again soon . It's always going to be a hit or miss I think depending on many factors. You just have to do what's in your control to protect yourself and those around you I guess.

Take care - Chris

Good to hear from you and glad you are out and about. I ventured out today to collect medication. I was the only one wearing a face mask in Sainsbury’s- no one used the sanitisation stand or kept their distance. You would not think there was a virus about - maybe that’s a good thing in one sense... good that there was a sense of normality. Perhaps I’ve been in hibernation for too long. Take care. Jacquie

Hi Jaquie Maybe you're right in a way it's a good thing there's some normality, but I think it's about striking a balance and those that are comfortable going about their business as usual respect those of us that aren't quite ready to drop our guard.

As it happens I had to pop out to my local bargain store tonight and my wife and I were the only 2 shoppers with masks on. It wasn't packed but it wasn't that quiet either. So you start to feel peer pressure as you kinda stand out from the crowd. But it won't deter us from masking up and sanitising etc for the foreseeable future.

It gets easier going about once you start again.

Regards - Chris

Jlah in reply to JediReject

Agreed. Scientist today calling for masks as standard. Jx

Hi Chris ,

Sorry I missed this post x

It’s the minority of folk that let us down

I’ve been out for a SAFE picnic today with my sisters ( mama grave )

Safe as houses lol

I’m same as you don’t venture far X

No shops pubs or Restaurants in over 5 month , until today I drove to a quiet pub in country outside table & a cappuccino & natter with my sister x

I’ve also booked for the 1st Aug our Release form Shielding,,

I’m taking No Risks ( ever ) x

Take care you & your Good Lady x

Love Pam x

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