Really pleased

Hi folks,

Just thought I would share my good news, today I was at my usual four month appointment at Haematology for my ET and all my levels are all normal, yeh!! I am really pleased as of late I have not been feeling myself, so this has cheered me up no end, plus they sounded me out and put my mind at rest that there was nothing untoward going on, as my GP's just push everything under the carpet and say that it is a virus or it could IBS which makes me cross, Hey-Ho thank god for my lovely Haemo.

Just thought I would share, thanks people's .

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  • Great news - very pleased to hear of your good results - long may they continue..! What medication are you on..? Andy

  • Hi Andy

    I take 500gm daily of Hydroxy and a thousand Sat and Sun, plus 75 mg enteric coated Asprin, been very lucky with the Hydroxy no side effects as such which is good for me as I am one of these unfortunate people that reacts to many drugs, just pop them down with a large glass of water everyday then get on with the day swigging water about two litres in all which seems to help.


  • That's great news, really pleased for you that your meds are working so well.

    Today has been an excellent day.... 😊😊

  • It's a good new for you. Congratulation!!! are you Jak2 possitive?

  • Yes I am, plus I have an underactive Thyroid which I think was the start of all my problems, but who knows 😃

  • Very happy for your great news. Your body reacted very well to a small dose of Hydroxy. The mind is a very strong tool and as long as you keep positive, you will be fine. All the best. Molly

  • Congrats on your good news. Caz x

  • That's great news, really pleased you are feeling so good.

    Karen x

  • Good news!


  • Does anyone know how Twinkly and Jedie reject are doing?

  • I don't know about Twinkly but know that Chris is still having eye trouble but is battling on xx

    Glad about your news xx

  • Well done you, lovely news. Mel x

  • doing the happy dance for you lol, well done xx

  • You all cheer me up so much, thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's hope that all is going well for Twinkly and that Chris long road is nearly over and that his body starts accepting those stem cells, and that we get his words of wisdom back sooooooon.

  • Great news x'

  • That's great news. Really pleased for you and long may it continue Liz xx

  • Great to hear good news xx

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