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Hope you have a happy ,healthy ,Christmas ,lots of love sent to you all for good luck in the new year ...

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Well folks ..it's another year older ,maybe a little bit wiser .i do hope so !

I went to a day surgery unit on Friday .i had a spot come up on my right hand .It grew into a bigger lump ..yes it was diagnosed as skin cancer ..so a very lovely little Chinese doctor . Gave me local anaesthetic ...then cut it out ..Few stitches to come out after Christmas ..at my doctors . please don't leave a strang spot too long !! Get yourself down the doctors and get it sorted. ASAP ..... Be wel l my buddies ....❤️😘😍💜,,,twinkly ....

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I love the way you are so positive Twinkly even when something different happens to you and you gives us your wisdom as a result .

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 xx

Lovely photo!

Thanks for your recommendation on being alert to skin changes.

Happy xmas to you too.

Mary x

Lovely picture Twinkly, know what you mean about having strange spots looked at, had two so far removed, and as you say best to side on the air of caution when these spots appear.

Have a great Christmas and healthy and happy new year.

Jean x

Hi Twinkly, so pleased you caught it early and I hope you heal quickly.

Can I ask is that a Bouvier in your pic? Beautiful! (I ask because I have one) X

That’s great Twinkly it was caught quickly. I think it is so easy to concentrate on and blame everything on our MPN - or that’s what I caught myself doing!

Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

You have a great attitude to keeping yourself healthy and great advice on getting things dealt with early. I am struggling with UTIs at the moment. I am into the 4th in 3 months! Just waiting for phone call from GP.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year

Best wishes, Jan xx

You have a good time over Christmas lovely lady xx

Wise words as always Twinkly. So glad you caught it early. I had 3 spots looked at recently but all ok, thank goodness, but we can't be too careful. Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you and all my other MPN buddies a happy and healthy New Year.

Karen xxx

Happy Holidays Twinklie, I’m sorry your little spot grew into a lump before it was removed. I hope it’s not too painful & doesn’t interfere with your day to day living. It’s kind of you to caution us to have things checked immediately before they do grow. Best, Katie

Merry Christmas Twinkly. Lovely photo. Do you have a picture in the attic? You seem to be getting younger!! Hope all goes well with the hand. x

Thanks Twinkly for your inspiration. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ‘across the pond’. 😀🎄🎉

Hi Twinkly

It’s lovely to hear from you ,

Your posts are always full of positive words ( LOVEITTTTT💗) x

I hope your hand is feeling better real soon , your right never ignore these things , I hope you had a lot very Christmas & I wish you all Best for 2018

My friend , take care

Love Pam x