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Good morning to all my lovely MPN extended family

Good morning to all  my lovely MPN extended family

Hope your all keeping well & fit & healthy as possible, it's been 2 weeks since my

Great North Run & feeling refreshed from it now , ( --1 st & 2 toenails) lol

Messages & donations & money's still coming in , if anyone wanting to sponsor me this will be the last update as its closing soon I've made over £600 + gift Aid Wow I'm EXTATIC with this amount ,

My justgiving Link is on my Profile Page ,

Thanks to everyone who's sent lovely messages & donations,

Love to all

Pam xx

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That's an amazing amount Pam, well done.

Karen x

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@ + Nickthedevil Thanks to you my friend ,X

Hope your well , how's the G-children treating you ❤️


Not bad thanks Pam, except for the arthritis in my feet which is really bad at the moment. I was interested to hear what you said about the low carb diet and bone pain. The children are fantastic. We had both of them all day on Tuesday - that was hard work but such fun! They don't get together very often so it was lovely. Your little man is growing so fast! Karen X

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Well done you xx

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