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Hi my lovely's only 3 weeks to my Great North Run 🏃😜🙏😱 For MPN voice ❤️

Hi my lovely's only 3 weeks to my Great North Run 🏃😜🙏😱             For MPN voice ❤️

I'm off to the Edinburgh & Tattoo for a few days , with my hubby it's a gift for my B/d

UPDATE >>>>>>>>>>>

I've unfortunately had a few set backs

Injured my leg & that's just walking my grandson lol ( in his Pram )

Then that improves & WHAMMMM


But I'm still doing the race if it kills ME lol

My sponsors are up to £330 woopeee

Very greatful for all your kind donations

My link is on my profile page if any of you would like to sponsor me

Much appreciated

Pam xxx

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What a determined lady you are! Keep positive and spend some time visualising yourself crossing that finish line with energy to spare and no pain, then imagine how great that will feel (apparently this helps!) Enjoy your birthday treat, Christine x

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Thanks Christine I' will do just that

I really can't wait to take part if truth be known , I' live in north east so it's my home town ,

Always admired the people taking part Never thought I would be one of them ,

I'm thinking wonderful thoughts crossing the Line 2 , thanks for your kind reply x

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Hi Pam, enjoy your trip to Edingburgh. You certainly deserve it and I really hope the aches improve - so that you're fighting fit for the GNR. By the way, you look lovely in the photo. Speaking of birthday's it's mine on Wednesday (61).

Mary x

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Awww Bless you Mary

Happy birthday for Wednesday

It was my birthday many moons ago June lol ((54 ))😱

I hope your well x

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Good pic of you Pam,and yes you will do the G N R,even if we have to push you in Carters pram !!!Enjoy Birthday,hope the creaks go away soon...Luv Sally

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Sally why didn't I think of that Carters Pram your a genius 😜woman , any way plenty training here in Edinburgh hubby's got me up & down these steep streets

I'm doing great ❤️🙏

Take care my Wee lovely lassie X

Love Pam X


Have a lovely time and a really happy birthday


Hi I live in Edinburgh, and saw the Tattoo, it was Fab! I'm sure you will enjoy it. I just hope it stays dry for you. Happy Birthday 🎂 X and all the best for the Run🏃🏼👍.

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Thanks Fizzy03

We had an amazing time at Tattoo weather was very kind to us , thanks for your kind reply X

Pam X


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