My MPN Charity evening

My MPN Charity evening

Hi just to let you all know how my Fundraising went , over 100 people turned up , & took part in Games /Raffles buffet & more ,

live Band to ,

I'm feeling very blessed to have lovely Friends

That would organise all that for MPN & Chris Lucas fund , we will share the proceeds when I find out I shall let you know X

Sending you all lots I've warm wishes

From rainy Newcastle this evening X

Love to all Pam xxx

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  • Well Done :-) Glad it all went well and hope people have been very generous for this brilliant charity

    Chrissie xx

  • Fantastic Pam! Bet it feels good to have had such a great evening.

    Liz x

  • Good on you your amazing. I am looking at your post with such admirattion

    Good for you

  • Well done. Fantastic event. xx

  • Wish could have gone but it was just too far to leave the dogs so long. Sorry my lovely

  • Don't worry I also have dogs know they take a lot of looking after , we will meet up some time , I'm hoping to go to Newcastle meeting

    When its announced would be nice to put faces to names xx

    Take care

    Love Pam x

  • FANTASTIC, really well done Pam. So pleased, a great way of raising money for the cause!



  • Thanks Louise I could never repay MPN & the people on this forum for keeping me sane & staying positive ,

    Regarding our condition X

    You included X

    Love Pam x

  • Hi Pam,

    Don't think I've done much but feel the same re MPN and the committee and professionals.

    I'm part way through my MPN lunches - 5 all on different dates, two under my belt and 3 to go.....shall I ever want to see a chicken breast or a hazelnut apricot meringue again?! Shame you don't live closer.


  • Sounds just up my street ,

    Wish I could help you I love food in general 😜 Yummmm

    Hence I'm on Slimming world

    Lol x

  • Great pleased all went well love Holly xx

  • Thanks Holly X

    We need catch up

    I'm no longer on F/B x

  • Do you know Pam i was feeling concerned ,hadnt seen any news hence going on here to find you , i have an email adresses anytime you want contact

    Take care of you any yours xxx

  • Your so sweet Holly x

  • Well done it looks like you all had fun too x

  • So glad it all went well Pam, you have some wonderful friends xxxx big hugs

  • Hi Pam, how amazing, thank you so much from all of us, and please pass on our thanks to everyone who attended your charity evening, what wonderful people. Maz x x x

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