Since having the tummy surgery ,Iv been experiencing very vivid dreams ,I'm left miles away from home ,alone and terrified .is it anasthetic

Since having the tummy surgery ,Iv been experiencing very vivid dreams ,I'm left miles away from home ,alone and terrified .is it anasthetic

I dream I can't walk so I'm crawling and crying ,I wake up in a sweat it's all so vivid ,

I think this blood disorder leaves us out of control ,it's a nightmare situation we cope with mentally every single day .we need to talk openly about our fears and stress,

I write this in the hope that ,at the next get together ,we are given more time to sit together and maybe air our worries with each other face to face !!  Twinkly. XXXX.

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  • Oh Twinkly you poor soul. Just had an anaesthetic myself for a shoulder op. Yes I think it does affect dreaming but so do worries, anxieties, etc.  you have been through surgery, that on its own increases anxiety, gives you more to cope with.  Those are the times I have more nightmares.  Treat yourself to something special, you deserve it. Aime xx😺

  • Amie I think you are right ,I deserve a treat ,,my mates are taking me out to eat when my tummy gets healed ,it was my birthday the day of my surgery .so I did miss out !!!        Xxxx

  • Hello Twinkly my lovely friend, I am so sorry to read this about you having such bad dreams, hopefully they will stop soon, we are all thinking of you and sending our love and best wishes, so hopefully that will help.  Maz x x x

  • Oh no! Surgery on your birthday!  Glad your friends are going to treat you when you are better. Who knows what causes our dreams?  I used to dream that I was re-taking my chemistry A-level (which I failed) until I discovered that my sister was having the same dream (she failed too!) on the same nights. How weird is that?!  Whatever the cause I hope you start to dream of sunshine and roses -and maybe puppies- very soon. I think our dreams sometimes add to our stress never mind being caused by it.

    Hope you are recovering well and keep twinkling.  Jan xx

  • I often have very weird scary dreams, I think coping with  these scary diseases causes anxiety which we try to suppress and it comes out in our dreams. MaYbe the anaesthetic loosened your subconscious 😳😳. 

    Hope you're soon your Twinkly self again, have a bit of retail therapy and puppy cuddling, hopefully that will make you feel better.

    Best wishes 


  • Hiya my pal, has the doc put you on any pain meds?  Any of the morphine based pain reliefs will give you some very vivid and prolonged dreams....not all of them disturbing, nudge, nudge 😉

    You are looking blooming amazing girl xxxx

  • P.s. can I have your dog xx

  • Poor you Twinkly, that was badly timed. I have always suffered horrific nightmares, even killing members of my family when I was in my late teens!!! I scream the house down and wake up crying, if my partner didn't snore so loudly, I'd feel sorry for him. My daughter once came running into my bedroom, brandishing a hair-dryer, thinking I was being attacked. We laughed so much afterwards owing to her weapon of choice and imagining her offering my supposed attacker a blow dry!

    I hope they stop soon.

    Love Mel x

  • Twinkly, so sorry you are having bad dreams.   Totally horrid and very unfair.   I wonder if you have tried Lavender on your pillow, or, sniffing a lavender bag.   I went through a period of bad dreams, too awful to even write here, it was just around the time of MF diagnosis when I was sleeping so badly.   Anyway, I read about Lavender being so good for sleep and you know it really did the trick.  I do wish you well.   Lovely pic by the way.

  • Thank you all for your kind concerns it's just a big help to air these problems here among the understanding ..I'm actually feeling much better today ..I'm eating better now as well's amazing not to have the hiatus hernia ,I feel brand new !!    Twinkly x

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