I'm home from my surgery ..it went very well ..I'm mending really well !

I had 5 holes into my chest and a new tummy button made !the surgeon said the hiatus hernia was 20 years old and needed to be removed ,,when I first grew it no surgery was done on us ladies ..it was too invasive ..but nowadays with keyhole  things have changed ,,so I hope as weeks go by ..I'll be the new me inside and out !! Life goes on !

My bloods have been good and although I'm like a pin cushion at the moment I'm healing o.k. ...thanks for all those good wishes ,you sent ..together we are strong !! Love twinkly ..xxxxx

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  • Marvellous Twinkly,so pleased all is well,take good care with recovery,no lifting heavy giant dogs!!! Best wishes from a lovely spring day here,what you need nowxx

  • Iv bought some bib. N. Brace  jeans ,,I look like a painter. X decorator ..

  • Glad to hear you're home Twinkly,  wishing you a very speedy recovery.  I hope you getting well look after.

    Love Judy from a rainy Devon! Xx

  • Dear Twinkly, so pleased to hear you are on the mend. Look forward to seeing you and your lovely son some time soon. Love Elsie xxx

  • Fantastic news my lovely friend, very pleased to hear that you are doing well, take care and rest, Maz x x x

  • Good news Twinkly you're a star and hope you continue to recover well xx

  • Hi Twinkly

    So pleased it all went well. All good wishes for a speedy recovery. Make sure that you take good care and take time to rest and relax Lizxx

  • Glad to have you back safe and well and everything went well.  You are very lucky to have an extra button hole, more places to collect fluff.  Bet your tummy looks like a connect-the-dot puzzle like mine.  Take it easy luv xx

  • Hi Twinkly,

    Good to see you're back and feeling OK.

    I'll be looking out and looking out for your stary eyed and wise posts in the near future.


  • Good to see you are on the road to recovery Twinkly, keep smiling 😀

  • glad to hear all went well. Can only reinforce other messages to not lift or do anything strenuous. Good luck and speedy recovery. Bruddery

  • Good to see you back on the Forum!  Wishing you a lovely  Easter with lots of rest and chocolate!  Take care, Sue x

  • A good news. twinkly, so pleased it went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Karen x

  • Glad all went well , and you have speedy recovery , much love xxx

  • Great to hear you have been 'sorted out' and all went well. I am sure you will be much more comfortable now..

    Take care of yourself, Relax and get strong .

    Love Sandy x

  • So pleased that you are out of hospital and we wish you a speedy recovery. Rest and take care

  • Glad the op is over and wishing you all the best in recovery.

  • So glad you are feeling better, and on the mend. Wishing you a speedy recovery.xx

  • Well done Twinkly, hope you recover quickly. Love Mel x

  • So happy to hear all went well! Like the others I've missed your uplifting comments on this site. Wishing you a quick recovery. Love, Gail 

  • I hated soggy diet !! Mashed potatoes and brown gravy ,,not healthy or very exciting either ,,Iv had porridge and custard ,,now I'm home I'm doing the healthy soup and it's surprising how much stronger you do feel for that !!thank god for my nutri bullet as well I just blend in the goodness and drink it ,,,,twinkly xx

  • Good Morning Twinkly ,

    I sure hope your feeling a bit better I'm sure you will get lots of TLC from your furry friends 

    And your family , But I'm sending you a BIG FAT VERTUL HUG & get well wishes , xxxx

  • Thank you for good wishes !! I feel really sore .but the pluming is working o,k, eating little bits and walking upright ...xxxx

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