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I'm really looking forward to my trip to London to the forum on July 11 th ..Iv been before and it taught me so much about my MPN. Problem !

Hi buddy's ! Hope lots of you are coming to London to the forum ! It puts a name to a face ,when we break off into our groups to chat .we get the chance to exchange ideas on how to cope with the various side effects of our numerous drugs .so many different views on coping day to day ,with the everyday stresses and strains on our family life . Diet and exercise ,rest and recouping times .All these things are openly discussed .

I have been to a few ,find them really informative ....see you there !!

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Hi Twinkly, I have booked my place at the London Forum, also bringing my husband too, this will be my first visit, looking forward to it as it means that I get to talk to people with the same condition face to face and seeing how everyone copes.

So see you there.



Awwww Twinkly

Wish i was coming along with you ,

It's such a long trip from up North ,

& couldn't possibly travel alone, ,

One day I will attend one some place near by , I'm waiting paitantly for the day ,

I be thinking of you tho

Hope your keeping well

Love Pam X

I'm pretty sure that's my Race for life day

I do each year memory of my sister

I'm walking with family 5k


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I have booked my place and this will be my first visit. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Any other year I would be in Uk and Bath or London accessible from U k home.,but involved with exhibitions here at the moment,one day I will make it. Best to you Twinkly,Pam,you too .xx


Hi would have been good to meet up with you but I live near Manchester so am going to that one. Am looking forward to it.

If anybody out there is going to Manchester give me your details and we will meet up to have a chat.



Would love to go to one of the London forums, but can't cope with heights!!! It's on the 20 something floor - the thought of that high up makes me feel bad!! Perhaps we could have one in Chichester on the ground floor??


Yes I am coming. It will be my first forum.


Hi ...I live in London & would have loved to meet up with you guys but will be on holiday from June -----To beginning of September ,but enjoy your visit

.Peggy 💕❤️💕


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