New beginning

Well its with a heavy heart that I move to a new chapter.

My wife and partner of 19 years asked me to leave our marital home on Wednesday

As she no longer loved me.

So I have to face my PRV alone.

My plan is a 2 month road trip in France and Spain in my VW camper.

Consultant has given me extra meds until xmas.

Then back in the UK for s checkup and then we will see.

See you next year.


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  • So sorry Frank to read your news this morning. Not going to offer the usual platitudes about new beginnings and all that stuff, just feeling heart sore for you. Enjoy your trip as much as possible-a time for reflection methinks about what life could hold for you next & how you want things to look in the future. Take care & stay well & strong, much love Poll x

  • Hi Frank, so sorry to hear your news. Your trip sounds like a brilliant idea. My sister did the same a few years ago and made great friends along the way, even ate Christmas lunch at Mount Etna with several Germans, some Swedish and French, all of whom she still keeps in touch with and visits. I hope you have a great adventure.

    Thinking of you. Mel x

  • Hi Frank

    Sorry to hear about that. The trip sounds like a great way to start your new life.

    Take it steady and look after yourself.


  • Good luck Frank. . . My first wife and I parted ways after 19 yrs but far from being an end it was a new beginning. . Fuel up !!

  • I am so sorry Frank to hear your news but like the others I hope this really is a new beginning for you. Enjoy the trip and don't think that you have to face your PV alone because that's what your friends on here are for, to offer support.

    Karen x

  • So sorry to hear that but hang on in there. Hope your trip opens new doors for you. When you come back -or even before- consider counselling but ask around before committing. Many people have found the 'mindfulness' approach helpful.

    Thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers.

  • Enjoy your trip Frank and look after yourself. I wish I had the bottle to do something like that!

    Judy X

  • Sailing from Newhaven to dieppe Sunday night tag along lol

  • Ha Ha! You should write a blog and keep us updated!

  • Ok so update consultant given me extra 20 weeks supply of meds.

    So I'm off Sunday to dieppe and road trip ahead back in UK xmas

    Be safe and take care


  • Awww, bummer, Frank!!! You have a good time, enjoy the French fillies !!!! Oh LA LA !!!!

    Keep us updated xx

  • oh sorry to hear this Frank ,

  • Sorry to hear this Frank. Take care & enjoy your new adventure. You are not alone with the support from this group. You can be married & still feel very alone & have to deal with PV etc by yourself. X

  • Enjoy your trip and this new step forward in your life.


  • Hi Frank - have you read H G Wells ''History of Mr Polly'? Wish I could come with you. This will be your 'Gap'. You will benefit from this trip in more ways than you can imagine. Thinking of you, stay strong, try to keep in touch and keep taking the pills.

    Bon voyage, Sue

  • Good luck and have fun,

    But why should you leave ? Enjoy the trip and tell her to be gone when you get back!

    Been there and 2nd time round is better for me.


  • Well back in UK bought another narrowboat.  And called her new beginnings. 

    Turned out my wife was having  an affair with one of her staff.

    When asked why and what about me and my condition.  Well I won't bore you with the reply but it hurt more than the affair.

    Divorce  will be final next week and I move.

    It has been a very hard 6 months and I won't lie that it took quiet a toll on me mentally. 

    Great friends and medical team have helped me through.

    Frank x

  • Good to hear from you - wondered how you were getting on.  People can be so cruel - words can hurt harder than a fist.  The only way now is forward and up.  Thank goodness for inner strength, friends and the medics.  Sue

  • Glad you're back Frank and I hope you had a good trip and have some great memories to look back.

    Onwards and upwards, easy to say, I know, but try to look ahead now and do what makes you happy.

    Good luck and best wishes for the next phase in your life.

    Judy X

  • Thanks for your kind words.

    I'm mending that's the important  thing.

    I've treated myself to a little 2 seater soft top ( mid life crises thing) little second hand MG.

    Thinking of getting back to do some work as I've had 6 months off .

    New boat is lovely and she is being repainted in june with the new name also being done by a sign  writer.

    Hope everyone iut there is well 


  • Good morning  all.

    Well another new beginning  today

    I'm off to majorca  on a package  holiday on my own. Alicudia  for a week.

    So another first on a long line of firsts .

    On a very positive  note I've met a young lady who is lovely and understanding. 

    14 years younger so I feel blessed to be in her sights. 

    So maybe this time next year the holiday won't be solo.

    Be well be safe


  • Morning all well today begins a new chapter.

    I bought a narrowboat to live on

    And over the last 3 months have spent money on her making her my home

    Well as the original title of this post was New Beginning..

    I have renamed the narrowboat

    New Beginnings. .

    You can't put pics on but of any of you want to look me up on FB you can see the transformation from tiered narrowboat to New beginnings.


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