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Hi everybody, Very rarely post as every time I have a question I always manage to find a posting where someone has answered a similar question (my question is at end of post). Glad the forum is here though for support. I am a 50 year old with ET - CALR and on usual Hydroxy and Aspirin for last year and a half. All going Ok apart from fatigue and tiredness. On Tues after going to loo I noticed a lot of blood which was a worry! Rang Clinic on Wed and they told me to contact GP in first instance which I did and got app't Thur. He did the usual check and referred me to Hospital for Colonoscopy. Thur afternoon the GP surgery called me to say they had app't booked at hospital on Mon afternoon and could I pop into surgery to pick up paperwork! How quick is that!!? I know the media like to moan about the NHS but I was amazed it was that quick as was expecting at least a few weeks wait. Now I'm worried they got me in so quick as they think it is serious, poor old NHS can't win! ;-) Hope it goes ok. Finally... if anyone has had an Colonoscopy I take it I will be ok to work the following day? I have a desk job so nothing too strenuous to do. 

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  • Hi Calmat,

    You should be fine to go to work the next day.  You will need someone to drive you home from hospital if you have light sedation, which I would recommend.

    I agree regarding the NHS they do get a raw deal sometimes.  I was referred for an MRI ( all clear) as I had tinnitus, my appointment came through the very quickly, Mother's Day, a Sunday and at 6pm!  I spoke to the nurse and she said they work 7 days per week from 8am to 8 pm to keep the waiting times down.

    Good luck with the procedure and I hope you get good results.

    Judy x

  • Hi

    I can only talk for Endoscopies....but it is down to if you have sedation or not, if you dont then you will be ok, if you do then you are not supposed to work for 24 hours after the procedure.


  • I have had a Colonoscopie, and was fine the next day, as Judy said need someone to take you there and pick you up afterwards, but absolutely fine even after it was done.

    Let's hope it is nothing untoward, they found with me that I had Diverdiculitus, so that was my problem, just have to try and avoid stress as that does not help, I already have a very healthy diet and drink plenty of water, anyway good luck, let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks for replies, very helpful...

  • Everyone reacts differently to sedation, i had sedation wednesday and i couldnt have worked yesterday, whilst i was fine to watch tv, surf the web etc, i actually got a call from work and my mind was very foggy when trying to help them. You will know how you feel but i would follow the instructions given by the hospital, it should say on the paperwork you get.

  • Thanks Paul, I haven't got any paperwork etc as appointment made at such short notice so no idea about diet etc before procedure so will google. Someone told me to stop taking aspirin until afterwards...

  • Hi, I'm surprised they haven't given you info about diet and other 'prep', I would check with them rather than google, as different places may want different things.

    good luck


  • Haven't you had the pouch of horrible powder to take to clear your bowels?  I can't see how they can see anything unless you are completely empty? Sorry to be graphic but each time I have had a colonoscopybthe bowels had to be empty.

  • You can work. You'll be fine the next day. Done as outpatient. 

  • I had a colonoscopy yesterday and am fine today.  I was told it was okay to continue to take my daily aspirin but I did not have the bleeding situation you have.  You didn't say who suggested stopping the aspirin but it sounds like it would be a good idea to ask the doctor.

  • Working next day will be fine. good luck for Monday, will be thinking of you and please let us know how you got on



  • Yes, I agree with jillydabrat. They usually want to 'clean out' the bowel before colonoscopy. In any situation involving bleeding the NHS tends to act quite quickly. I should check regarding preparation before making journey to the hospital though. Let us know how you get on. 


  • Thanks for all the replies, I will let you know how it goes. xx


  • Panic over. Rang the clinic this morning and my appointment this afternoon is to discuss my problem. The colonoscopy won't be for a couple of weeks. That's why I didn't get the sachet prep stuff you were all mentioning. 


  • ah that makes more sense. What they should do is give you a pamphlet explaining what will happen and what will happen if you choose sedation. Hope all ok.

  • Good luck with the colonoscopy. Mel x

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