Dr X, what an absolute doll you are

Finally got to see an MPN specialist, Dr X at James Cook University Hospital yeeahhhhhh. Feel so much better that someone sat me down and went through everything. No other health professional has done that. There is an alarming increasing in a liver enzyme showing in my blood tests today and something else she said was higher than they would like it but the HC was doing an excellent job for the PV. Because of my falls and confusion i not only have to go for a liver scan but also a brain scan to see if I have been having mini strokes. I finally feel in safe hands, thanks to everyone who told me about Dr X, can't recommend her enough xxxxx

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  • Well done, I'm glad you are getting somewhere at last. Long may it continue!

    Best wishes

    Judy X

  • Hi Jill, That is all so positive, that you have found this brilliant Dr X, who sounds as if she has really listened to you; really thankful you are at long last 'in such good hands'. Both scans sound necessary and sensible and hope that the results will be ones you want to hear. Very best wishes, as ever, Tinkerbell13

  • I'm so glad to hear your receiving the care we all should be getting , I'm seriously thinking if moving to a MPN specialist I never get to see my consultant it's always his side kick , I'm not happy to see a pharmacy young girl she is ,

    I want to see my Consultant every time ,

    My husband doesn't understand he says there keeping me fit & well , what's the problem , I've paid my taxes I want the best of care ,

    I'm delighted Jillydabrat you've giving me the push I need to Stand up and be hear X I wish you all the very best & good health X

    Pam Newcastle X

  • There are 2 specialists at the Freeman, they have an MPN clinic. Put your foot down Pam, I was amazed at the amount of info from Dr Please, she took so much time and explained everything. Keep us informed and don't let go of that northern spirit, luvs dabrat xxxx

  • Should say an mpn clinic every Thursday afternoon. Show your hubby my post. The enzymn levels in my liver had been going up and up and then leaped up in my blood tests yesterday. My GP, Haemo, her side kick or the specialist nurse had not noticed the increase so yes, get specialist help for peace of mind.

  • Thanks ever so much for your help , I know I do sometimes lack confidence I need a push

    I don't want feel rude asking for a transfer after 3 year of been looked after ,

    But I think sometimes I'm needing support it would be nice to go to a clinic see & meeting others who share the same or similar condition cheers dabrat X

    Pam in Newcastle X

  • Pleased you're getting answers, hope your scan results are good. You must feel very relieved. No-one seems to know much about our diseases, I think some professionals ignore things rather than admit they don't know!

    Best wishes


  • So pleased you are now in A Safe Pair of Hands. Good luck with the tests and take care, Sue x

  • Hi Jilly, and everyone who responded to your post, as you can see I have deleted the name of the Dr you saw, I am sorry I have had to do this but we feel it best if haematologists and doctors are not named on here, whether you are saying good or bad things about them, as they do read these posts and we don't want any healthcare professional to feel that this forum is used to give bad reports on them, which are only the opinion of the person posting, we must ensure that we do not offend anyone. Maz

  • ooopsy sorry Maz, perfectly understand. I told her to her face that she was very highly recommended by people on here and she couldn't praise this site enough saying "it's an excellent fact finding and support site". She also encouraged me to attend the health forums as well saying they were invaluable, so there you go Maz, you have been officially recognized (but we all knew that anyway) xxxx

  • Hi Jilly, thank you, we do have to be careful that we are not seen as a sort of Trip Advisor site and upset people if anything bad is sad, that said, it's a shame that they won't also see the good things being said. Maz x x

  • That's great news so happy that you feel looked after. Aime xx😺

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