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Thinking of you At Christmas x

Merry Christmas 🎄

To my wonderful extended Blood family x

Where would we be without each other ♥️

I hope you all have a lovely festive holiday

Stay safe & enjoy being around your Loved-ones

( and none loved-ones 😜) xx

& I’m going to be a Nana real soon January 10th

A sister for Carter 💗💙

Just so Perfect priceless-times

Exactly 2 years apart

We’ve been Truly Blessed 🙏

Love Pam xxx

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Hi Pam, every good wish to you and your family. Great news, it’s my favourite job being a gran. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

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Thank you Aime

You know the feeling then xx

Merry Xmas xxx


Merry xmas to you and yours. You’re going to be busy!

Mary x

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Hi MARY I know what you mean Busy lol

There’s not enough hours in the day now I have Carter 2 full days a week +

Over night stays ,

But wouldn’t have it any other way

He’s my world , as you know x

Have a wonderful,peaceful Xmas xx

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You are Pam,but you truly deserve those blessings.XxxxSally

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Hi Sally

awww thank you x

How’s your pup doing ?

I’m so pleased to hear from you

How you feeling , I do hope your ok

We need a catch up soon x

Big warm Geordie hugs to you x

Love Pam xxx


That's lovely news, a fab way to start the new year. My youngest son married recently so I'm hoping they produce a grand child for us soon! Maybe before next Christmas, well I can hope anyway. (I've already knitted and crocheted 2 baby blankets - but they don't know that yet!)

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Hi Lizzie lovely to hear from you

How lovely a wedding this year & I pray you get to hear the news you’ve been waiting for xx fingers crossed x

Have a lovely time this Christmas time my friend

Love Pam xx




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