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Live MPN Interviews and Updates from ASH

As you know, I am a newsman at heart - a journalist since 1967 as a student. Since 1984 I have devoted myself to bringing news to patients with serious illnesses and it has become clear patients want news that can improve their care faster and hear it, if possible, directly from world experts - unfiltered. So, in many conditions, as the pace of medical progress has accelerated, it has become apparent to me it makes sense to cover the news LIVE on video at the medical conventions where news breaks. In a few days there's a big medical convention in Orlando, with about 30,000 researchers and physicians who deal with blood cancers in attendance. I have two of those conditions (chronic lymphocytic leukemia and myelofibrosis - but, because of past progress, doing well!). So this year Patient Power will extensively broadcast live interviews, updates and "ask the expert" sessions right from the convention, and where patients around the world can ask questions via email, text and on their webcams. It will be true interactive online television for patients and family members. All someone needs to do to be hooked in is to join the patient power community for their health condition. See:


The service is free and I am excited about it. Please tune in if this is helpful to you or someone you care about. This is does a medical journalist's heart good :)

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As a person who is very hard of hearing, I hope there will be transcripts, because live videos are mostly unintelligible and the info can be very important. Hope you will be able to assist here, thanks.


all our videos end up having transcripts. just scroll down.


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