Mpn and Jury Service

I have been called for Jury Service end of June. I returned the form accepting as I felt it was my duty but since then have been having doubts. I have E.T. and am 66.

What if I hit the fatigue wall that we all know about. I have to attend for 2 weeks and travel every day by train on a line that is well known for delays.

I am worried that I will not be able to concentrate for long periods of time and to be honest, I do not like confrontation of any kind- I do not watch much national or local news. I also do not sleep very well and am frightened that I will drop off in the middle of a court case.

Has anyone been successful in having an MPN as a legitimate reason for exemption from Jury Service?


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  • Write to the court and tell them your health issues.

  • I have been excused for jury service due to my illness. I wrote to them and explained what I had and how fatigue could suddenly occur, also that I had to go for very regular clinic/doctors appointments. They sent me back a letter accepting my reasons. It is important that you have a letter excusing you. Like you, I felt it was my civic duty, but could not run the risk, and some cases go on longer than a couple of weeks. Good luck. Janice

  • Yes I wrote and explained about my condition and that I could be unreliable. I was excused. I wanted to do the jury service so was disappointed but it's not our fault!!!! Sounds as though you have enough to cope with at the moment.

  • I agree with the others. And I know that if you get picked to sit on a jury it's usuallly stressful, sometimes extremely stressful. That will be bad for your health. If necessary, your doctor will probably write a letter saying you have to be excused for health reasons. It's so disappointing when our health prevents us from doing things. But just the act of accepting and planning to go fulfills your civic duty. It doesn't include harming your health. You're very wise to have reconsidered!


  • If your initial reaction was to go for it maybe you could give it a go? might be interesting?

  • I haven't been called for jury service (and would love it as I am in the legal business for work) BUT I have thought in recent years I don't know that I could manage it these days - I know in previous jobs I used to sit in Court behind Counsel (barrister) and it is a long day and you can't just get up and out if you need to etc etc - so I have thought since being diagnosed (ten years) that if I was called for jury service I would have to write and advise my condition as I do think I would find it too much - I have had cut down from working full time for the same reason and just work a few hours a day - we are all different of course as to how our MPN is for us so as previously mentioned you may want to go for it - but I am sure if you do feel it was too much that your medical condition would be a sufficient reason not to go. All the best.

  • My first reaction is hell yeah! This is about you not about them, this would make me anxious and I would get out of it.. I wouldn't be able commit that's for sure. It could be so exhausting!

  • Thank you to everyone who answered my post. I have just sent an e-mail to the Jury summoning bureau asking for exemption. Hopefully, I will be successful.

    I have lived with E.T. for 13 years and I thought I was coping well but it just takes something like this and I have a wobble.

  • I was also recently summoned to attend Jury service in June. (Good heavens, two MPNs wanted the same month for jury service... It must be a conspiracy!!) I have ET and am suffering a lot from fatigue, poor sleep, a muddled head and problems sitting for long periods of time due to leg pain. I worried a great deal for a few days about what to do, but wrote a full explanation of my state of health to the court. I emailed this to them, and I also made an appointment to see my GP and took a copy of my letter to her. My GP was supportive, and wrote me a letter that I forwarded to the court. The initial response from the court came a few days later to say that they could not consider my application unless I sent a medical certificate! I was upset by this as I felt like I had done more than was reasonable already. I sent a response by return email to say that I was confused by their email, and wanted them to clarify if they wanted a physical copy of my doctor's letter, or was it in some way inadequate? I also re-sent the Doctor's letter. I received a response a day later to say that my request to be excused Jury service had been accepted.

    I do find that having to turn things down upsets me. I do hope that you receive a sympathetic response from the court. Kind thoughts to you. Peter

  • Just received an e-mail excusing me from Jury Service. Thank you for your support.


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