Live from NY City. Watch from Anywhere

Live from NY City. Watch from Anywhere

Where can you hear unbiased and comprehensive information from two renowned MPN medical experts (Columbia and Mount Sinai) and ask them questions in-person or online, free? And meet other patients and family members?: The Patient Power May 15th town hall in NY City. Come if you can, sign up and/or watch online. You owe it to yourself. I am the host (MF since 2011) and my wife Esther, care partner, is co-host. Please tell others. About 120 people are registered now but we have room for many more (200 in person near Grand Central Station) and unlimited online. Join us and let's learn the latest together!

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  • Signed up and looking forward to joining the webcast..!

  • Hi Andrew,

    Could you remind me of what EST time difference is with London at the moment (personally I'm on CET, which is 1hr ahead of BST). Do you know if a video will be made available for download a bit like the London event a while back?


  • Hi there, I work with Andrew and the morning and afternoon session replays are now available here- morning- ) and afternoon- Let us know what you think! -Theresa

  • Signed up!  Thanks

  • Hi Andrew, I seem to be having problems signing up for the webcast,  my email address  in it wont accept the sign for AT just like it wont now, any ideas would be most grateful. Just wondering if anything to do with windows 10, anyone else had problems, many thanks

  • Hi Marie95, I'm Theresa and I work with Andrew. I'm sorry you had trouble signing up for the webcast. Here's the replay if you weren't able to see it live. Morning session- Afternoon session- Let us know what you think! -Theresa

  • Thanks for your reply, thankfully was able to watch it on my Ipad, very informative and interesting, gratful for all the hard work you all put in to make this possible. looking forward to the next live webcast

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