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Which MPN Treatment When? Experts Weigh in

Greetings from rainy Ireland:

New video posted on with American docs, Stein and Oh, from the Chicago Patient Power Town Meeting. Lots coming from the London MPN Voice meeting very soon,


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What! It's raining in Ireland???? Hope it's not spoiling your stay!

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Hi Andrew ,,we all hope the rain isn't spoiling your holiday in Ireland .but you see we get wonderful dairy products because of the lush healthy grass ..and they breed excellent healthy dogs ,,fresh air and lots of space for exercise we just love Ireland .the friendliness and culture is truly unique ,even the witches and goblins are the very best ,,get your fortune told by a real Irish witch Andrew ,it's an experience not to be missed .. On a personal note ,I'm looking forward to the rest of the filming of the London forum .the interviews of us sickly patients .after all I even got my roots done special for that event !! Love to you all. Twinkly. Xx


Thanks! The sun is out in Dingle today! Hiking!


Hi Andrew. I am a newly diagnosed ET patient, can I ask does the "voice" had a GP access able section to help GPs understand and learn. If we do could you please let me know so I can pass it on, I find my GP poor on the subject she is very general and continuously says ask your haematologist.

Ps, I found the on line coverage of your live forum very good.

Regards Craig Darcy


Several resources: 1) and can look up under ET 2) oncology and same search 3) mpnresearch foundation 4) I would start with #1 so that your doc can watch brief video from mpn specialists about the latest treatment for ET.


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