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I know critical illness insurance claims have been discussed in the past and have thought about it before, but never actually got round to it. I've just had a letter from my insurer saying that my cover end early next year and thought I perhaps should make a claim.

I've had PV for about 7 years. My insurer is Scottish Provident. Just wondered if any of the group had tried and had been successful with this insurer. If successful would you mind sharing ho you went about it - the process.

Many thanks


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  • Hi

    Just to say mine was with L&G BUT if you have cover then go for it, the ABI rules tell insurers they have to pay for MPN's.

    For L&G you just rang the claim line they took down details of the condition, diagnosis date etc, and also details of your GP and Consultant at the hospital.

    I then got a claim form to complete (it was all completed just needed to check and sign and return) - they then wrote to the consultant who signed it sent it back, all pretty painless took about 6 weeks i think.

    I would expect scottish provident to be very similiar.


  • Sorry just to add - i think the only times people have had problems claiming is when they GP/Consultant refused to sign it because of their out of date belief that the conditions arent considered a cancer.

    Good luck


  • Mark

    I would recommend you submit a claim now . I was successful and the process was straightforward. My claim was settled within 3 weeks . I enclosed copies of relevant hospital letters and jak 2 result with my claim form . You are entitled to get copies of these from your gp, although there may be a charge for photocopying and admin time . ( my wife is a gp ) .

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Hi mark

    I should have said mine was with friends life . PV is classified by WHO as a MPN , and falls within the cancer diagnosis.

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