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Successful critical illness claims PV


Hi all, i was in the process of updating my life/critical illness policy and my broker suggested I might make a claim under critical illness. I just wondered if any if you guys had made successful claims and if so, with which insurer was that? My broker suggested that if I have some successful examples it would help the claim. Thanks Johoho x

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Yes i claimed, i was with Legal and General, they were very good, they wrote to my Haematologist who sent the paperwork back quickly, i think it took maybe 4 weeks total to process.

I think the only issue people have had is more to do with GP's etc who refuse to sign the paperwork as they dont consider it a cancer. Suggest you have the documents sent to your consultant not your GP.


Morning I was insured with legal and general.

Made a claim and was paid out within 4 weeks no arguments.

I have PRV jak2

Good luck


Yes, I was successful too.

Would you mind say who your insurer is Rubyrubyruby?

Hi I was with Legal and General, no problems at all. Kind regards Aime


I'm with legal and general and they told me I'd have to be told I have less than a year to live for them to accept it. Thankfully l haven't been told that so thought no more of it - should I think again?

Paul42 in reply to Hidden


Yes i think you should try again.

Mine was paid no isse at all.



Yes I was successful, I belive the world health organisation changed the rules in. 2006, I am with freinds life they wanted to pay what I would have got on the date of diagnosis and refund my premiums ( the ombudsman said they could do this) but my policy was with axa then and freinds life took it over later, I argued that I had made 2 claims before ( both for my MPN) and as they did not pay out then they should pay out to the date of the claim, which they did.

There is quite a bit on this subject in the archives.

Good luck,


Hi, my claim was successful and the insurer was Aviva and I didn't get any probs. If you need any help or advice please let me know as I am an independent financial adviser😁

forwardocho in reply to Calmat


I wonder if you could help me please. I'm new to this forum. I submitted a claim with Aviva under my CI cover provided by my employers. I denied on the grounds that ET is not considered "cancer, invasive or malignant". I submitted a claim back in April this year. In June, they told me it was denied under the terms above. I have since found out from various forums and my MPN groups that many people have been successful with their claims (all of whom have ET and/or PV). I was advised to contact Aviva again (which I have today 17 November 2016) and quoted the ABI guidelines that classified ET and PV as "cancers and that they should be covered under critical illness cover". I also cited the WHO article 2008 stating MPNs are now classified as cancers. As yet, I have had no response. My only concern is that my claim was denied back in June this year and I don't know if there is a timeframe in which you are able to appeal. Clearly, it's been 5 months since my claim was denied and only today have I written to them above stating the ABI and WHO articles/guidelines. I am willing to fight this by all means possible. Is there any further information you could provide?

Many thanks


I was successful with Irish Life. I had to provide proof that I'd tried to get a match for a BMT. My brothers went for the test but weren't a match. I have no idea what difference this made but they paid out!!!! Agree with Paul go via your haem. Good luck.

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