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Successful Critical Illness Claim For PV

Just wanted to share the news I have recieved today with regards to a claim I made just over a month ago with my life insurance policy, until I found this web site I never even thought I would have been able to claim

At the moment I'm not sure how I feel because it just makes you aware just how real the illness is. Im sure I will be like many of you that have good days and bad days and for me the worst is the fatigue, especially with a 7 year old that is quite demanding, and working part-time.

Ironic really I have a valid claim for critical illness, but cannot get the flu vaccine from my own GP.

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Hi. Congratulations !! I too have had successful critical illness claims and I feel exactly the same as you. In one respect it is good but on the other hand it makes you realise the level of illness we have. Yet the consultants etc tell us we will all go on to lead normal lives!!!!!

I also have a couple of youngsters and very much have good and bad days. The fatigue and the achy legs can really takes its toll on me and I find it very frustrating that I have to be careful how much I do when I am only 37!


Well done,When I first asked the question back in July "has anyone made a successful claim" I was unaware of the new guide lines and having been turned down twice in the past made a third claim based on information posted on this site, I am still in negotiations with my insurance company as they have still not accepted my claim! They initially said that if the claim was accepted they would pay out what should have been paid on the year of first diagnoses and refund 11years of premiums! They have now said they will pay the claim to 2012 if they accept the claim. So far this has taken 2 months, they claim to be awaiting MORE information from my GP. Good luck to you and anyone else making a claim.


Who is your cover with? Mine was friends life, the advisor I spoke with was really helpful and kind. And the information came from the haematologist at the hospital he's the one who treats me. Wish you luck and hope you don't have to wait too much longer.


Hi littled,I am also with freinds life formally standard life and axa before that! Not sure what the hold up really is,I'm convinced they are trying to find a clause so they don't have to pay out! Will let you know what happens.


That's great news, I am still waiting to hear back about mine, I wouldn't have thought about claimIng either until I found this site, I was diagnosed with ET 4 years ago. I have got my fingers crossed that it is successful.


Husband's GP adamant that he should have the flu jab as hydroxy lowers immune system, so he always has one.


I was wondering about putting in a claim too. I have pv but treated only with venesections so far, will I be able to claim? Aime


Hi aime

I don't think it's what treatment your on, it's the actual illness they pay out on, I had my cover with 'friends life' formally 'friends provident'. From the initial phone call I spoke with someone who filled in most of the form there and then. She then sent it me to fill in the rest. To be honest I had it a few weeks before I sent it back because I wasn't sure if I' had a valid claim but so glad I did. The advisor said they would apply under the cancer clause in the policy. Within a month I had confirmation that I had been successful and they paid me straight away.

If you have the critical illness in with your cover I would apply straight away. Good luck :)


Hi, regards the flu jab, my understanding is you should certainly be entitled if you are on hydroxy as this suppresses you immunity. You should automatically appear on your GP's flu list because of the medication. However, your GP can add you to the list by coding on their computer system as immunosuppressed. Hope this helps.

Regards critical illness benefit, I applied several years ago and it was refused but will now try again.



Hi all,

Just an update to let you know I have just made a successful claim with Scottish Provident, I have PV and have aspirin daily and venesections to control my hct.

As some of you have already said although very good news that claim has been successful it makes it feel very real that this is a serious condition.

Thanks again to MPD voice I wouldn't have dreamt of making a claim if I hadn't read the threads on here.

Take care all


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