Day Zero

Day Zero

Quick update , , had Stem Cells rocket up line this morning , , now having 2 bag red cells but just had another temperature episode @ 39degrees , through that. . Later tonight I have a 5 hr bag of anti rejection drug Cyclosporine, so plenty to look forward to and I might catch some zzzz's as well. . Anyway signing off coz concentration levels waning a tad. Thanks for your continued support guys xxx PS my spirit is strong, , ,

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  • We all will make sure your spirit stays strong,,all best wishes and prayers for you JR.

  • You keep the faith ,,my wayward son ,I'm sending you my love and all my positive vibes's only time passing ,,soon be done ..if I could be there to hold your hand ,,buddy I would ..sleep sound .sweet dreams ....twinkly. Xxx

  • Hi are no are strong and positive . The journey is well under way. Thank you for sharing, you have a huge amount of respect and love from all your MPN buddy's. Hope the night goes well Sandy xx

  • Continueing to think of you


  • Be strong and get well soon all good thoughts and wishes on their way to you. Annette x

  • You are looking great, have your rest but keep chatting on this forum, everyone is thinking of you. Keep strong J (no r as someone else has already said). Every best wish, thinking about you lots. Aimexx😺

  • Well done each part of treatment is another chunk over and accomplished so on the way to a greatly improved JK - keep going the gang are thinking of you.

  • You always sound so positive. As I said before you have huge strength of character and you're definitely someone to look up to for your fantastic good outlook on everything. Just keep doing what you're doing! Best wishes Janice

  • Your spirit is shining through! Looking good x Yes, rest when you can. The body needs to sleep, perchance to heal 😉😇 Jeanette x

  • Hey, Hope you got a good nights sleep. How long are you due to be in hospital for?

  • You have amazing strength of character. Keep smiling

  • Keep strong you have so much courage ,you are an inspiration to us all, God Bless.

  • Morning Chris. Hope you slept well and the anti rejection drug is finished. You look amazing for a man going through so much!! Keep up the good work.

    Karen x

  • Good Morning Brave Jedi! Just catching up with whats happening with you. We are in the caravan in the back of beyond so wi-fi a bit hit and miss. I hope by this time you've got all your bits and pieces of cells etc well and truly bedded in. If you need to get your temperature down get yourself over here, it's flaming freezing! All the best. XX

  • So proud of you Chris. May the force be with you. Melx

  • Hope you got some sleep and that day 1 of your new life is going ok .

    You must be exhausted with it all .

    Hope your sis is doing ok too was she there to see the transplant ?

    Slowly and gently onwards and upwards .

    Helen x

  • As you can see, Chris, we are all rooting for you all the way along. You certainly are one tough cookie! You are an inspiration to us all. You should have had your transplant done in Scotland - that would have kept you cool ("b" cold actually!). Hope you got a good night's R&R and keep that spirit strong. x

  • Dear JR,

    Thanks again for keeping us up to date with your progress. Think of you many times a day and wing happy thoughts to you. You are, without question, a remarkable man and I don't believe for one minute you don't have your darker moments from time to time but how you stamp on them is the key. Good luck for today and no doubt the sun is shining in your room unlike the grey and moody skies here in Surrey.

    All the very best,

    Linda x

  • Positive energy and best wishes xx

  • Guys it was the lull before the storm as I've been battling high temperature throughout the night , , body reacting to stem cell infusion, , I'm fairly calm now , , but had iv paracetamol doses and fluids up. . Fingers crossed I can remain cool, , it's a tricky one to sort out. . Thanks for comments which I enjoy reading xxx

  • Cool, virtual hugs coming your way Chris. X

  • I hope your body settles down soon. It all sounds very uncomfortable, so I'm sending you lots of good thoughts. It sounds as if you could use my grandchildren's favourite cooling treat --Star Wars freezies. They're in these brilliant colours- lime green, turquoise, purple, and they've almost demolished a large pack in no time, in facts I've discovered its dangerous to stand too near the freezer compartment as they try to beat each other to their favourite colour, they race forward, yelling and whooping. A few times I've thought the next headline on facebook would be "grannie gets trampled in freak accident in son's house". Its the start of a long weekend here, but we've had storms, torrential rain, lightning etc., underpasses under water, you name it, and more in the forecast. People have been out with brooms, hands, anything to try and clear blocked drains as we've had flash floods. Good wishes from the soggy prairies.

  • Aww hope you are soon in calm waters

    Helen x

  • Such an inspiration to us all. Keep on keeping on! (A saying that my friend often uses) x

  • Sending get well soon wishes and prayers to you Chris , hope your strength and postive attuide is contagious for us all with MPN sleep well , Holly x

  • Small comfort, but I'm holding you in my thoughts for a great outcome. Do you get an implanted dip-stick to go with all the new fluids?

  • What can I say they have all said it before, you are just inspirational, so fight the good fight. Jean

  • Hi Chris , what a Trupper you are , x

    I hope you've had a restful day ,

    You sure as hell got some follower's I"d like to add to the list of well wishes by sending you a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    MASSIVE GET WELL VIRTUAL HUG & Prayers 🙏 & that your soon back on the road to recovery xxx

    Love Pam x

  • Hi JD that looks like red wine in the bag to me!!! Intravenous on tap!!!🍷🍷🍷🍷 you are amazing xxx big hugs

  • Hope u feel better soon xx

  • Hello Chris .I hope all is going well for you. Take care. Love Gill

  • Hope it's all going ok now xx

  • Hey JR- just checking in on you. I hope your temp is down and that you are feeling comfortable. We are all thinking about you and wishing you the very best.

  • Hi Chris been out the loop for a few days hope you're feeling OK and staying cool best wishes "Onwards and Upwards as always. Caz x

  • Cheers folks had much better couple days and feel almost human at times. . Be in touch again soon xx

  • Good to hear Chris, keep looking after yourself.

    Judy x

  • That's great to hear Chris. Going in the right direction, keep up the good work.

    Karen xx

  • XXX

  • Jed Just noticed this.. Things take a while to get to the antipodes.. Hope you are doing ok,, we are holding thumbs for you,, `` It was some medicine Buddha day a week or two ago so said a few prayers and Om mani peme homs as well` Take care and good luck. If you have the strngth let us know how you are going.... I think you have a few good followers out there.. Jan

  • Thanks Hackett, the guys on this forum are fab, , and I draw extra strength from their support. . I must say your Buddhist prayer may be a first for me but hey I won't knock it ,I need all the help I can get. . I'm feeling good these past couple days. X

  • so pleased to hear your feeling a bit better xx Caz

  • My thoughts are with you, Chris, whilst you're going through this really challenging time. It feels to me that your whole attitude to life in general will be the very thing that will help you ride this particular storm. Love the Buddhist prayer! Om shanti, Poll x

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