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Spa Day


Hello lovelies.

My friends booked a spa day for me a while back to boost me up abit, which is for this Sunday and they have just seen a health and safety policy at the centre stating that people who have a form of cancer been or being treated can only have nails done. I called and asked why and they said that you are not supposed to have massages or treatments as it effects the blood movement and the oil will effect me. Has anyone else heard of this ? Looks like I'll be 6 hours in the pool then of which she said to stay out of the hot tub also because of the heat ! 😔. Any advice please as I feel bad for the girls as I know that had my interest at heart x

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Cant imagine it causing a problem, sounds like the Spa are going with a 'catch all' situation. Im sure for some people it might be an issue...maybe contact your GP/Consultant but i would be amazed if it caused an issue

Karen1970 in reply to Paul42

Thank you Paul

I hope you are keeping well x

Paul42 in reply to Karen1970

Im good thanks...i went to a Spa earlier this year, i didn't mention it, not sure if thats right or not, but we know our own bodies.

I had quite a hard deep tissue massage and felt great after.

Hi Karen - Aww what a lovely gesture that is from your girlfriends. I agree with Paul on this, it seems like total overkill and if I were you I would go, say nowt and enjoy the whole experience. By all means check with your Day Unit at hosp. The hot tub might cause itching but I can't see what harm a massage with oil would do, I would absolutely love it. Be kind to yourself and go with it coz if at any point anything affects you in a negative way you can stop it. . Enjoy you lucky devil. .


Karen1970 in reply to JediReject

Thank you for your response. I was pretty devasted today when I got sent the policy from my friend but I am going to take your advice and keep quiet and enjoy it as I've never experienced a spa day and I'm so looking forward to it. Can I just say JR, your comments and replies I see you write always make me smile. You are such a lovely hearted gentleman x

Well Karen, Thank You. . It's nice to know I make someone smile now and then. I think you're making a wise decision to go and enjoy yourself, put all your worries to one side and thoroughly indulge yourself. . Don't forget to have a wee glass of bubbly to put the icing on it. . And once again Thanks for the compliment x JR

Hi Karen I was diagnosed October 2007. Take hydroxyurea, allopurinol, baby aspirin, lanzaprazole, atorvastatin, calcichew D3forte, and added just last month anagralide. (reckon I would rattle if they shook me up!) I have had numerous massages and spa treatments (I have a very generous daughter) I have always told them exactly what I have. The staff would have a one on one discussion and talk through what is good etc. I never have a 'hard' massage but go light or medium depending on what spa. I have always explained that I bruise easily. Always had enjoyable relaxing time. I say go for it and ENJOY. I was never refused treatments just extra special attention. Bruddery

I just asked my doctor about this last week. She is an MPN expert on dr silver's team. I was told that light massage is fine. Just no deep tissue massage (which is unpleasant anyway) and no pressure point work.

I say you call it a blood disorder for the day ...keep the "c" word under wraps and have a grand old time.....

I agree just keep quiet, I was on a cruse last year ? I have MF so an enlarged spleen. I mentioned it was tender and they said they could not do it , I shouted asked to speak to manager and said I would sign a disclaimers.

I would never tell them next time.but I still had to pay a fortune for a very nice relaxing light massage.

They ask you to fill in forms & sign it, but do put down your condition.

Enjoy and have a great day.😁😁😁

Thank you everyone. I will just keep quiet and enjoy the day xx


Tend to keep it simple and say its a blood disorder and have ask for a light massage. Offer to sign a disclaimer if needed .Had many treatment with no problems .

Also use the hot tub for short periods --very good for the aching muscles .

The reason for the questions is to cover the treatment on their insurance policy .

Hope you enjoy yourself

Hi, I have a spa day with my friend a couple of times a year and have never had any problems. Go and enjoy and if they make a fuss, go somewhere else!

I spoke to my consultant specifically about this a couple of weeks ago as I am due to go to Turkey in a few weeks and want to go for a Turkish bath and massage while I'm there. He said there will be absolutely no problem with this. He is an MPN specialist and didn't seem worried in the slightest and I have MF.

Would probably check with your specialist and then hopefully you can go and enjoy it. Probably exactly what you need.

Hi, I use hot tub all the time and there is no any difference to me whatsoever, except that is nice and enjoyable. Have fun.


I had massage from a lady who specialised in oncology massage,I felt so much better,It's a light massage.As she went back to U K,Exeter Devon,have not found any one else yet.The difference for me was amazing,so,go for it,enjoy,your spirits will be lifted ,your aches and pains vanish,you will be energised! Good Luck

I can't really add much in way of advice , others have given such good advice. I just wanted to say have a lovely day on Sunday, relax and yourself, you deserve It and your lovely friends have recognised that. I have not had a spa day since my brother booked me one as a treat and that was before I was diagnosed in 2012 but Since reading your post and the advice think I will treat myself to something like a massage soon! Great idea!. Take care let us know how your day goes Liz C xxx

Karen1970 in reply to Liz001

Thank you for your kind words. Go and book it, I am finally looking forward to it. I hope you are better after your fall xxx

Yes thanks Karen recovered fully . No real after effects unless you count hurt pride and feeling bit stupid! thanks for remembering. Take Care xx

I use a spa and they also have the same policy. However, I have a manicure, pedicure and facial all very relaxing. Hope you are able to have a good day.

Well there you go Karen. The MPN Voice jury has delivered its verdict. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY. A very good initial post as it has generated a good mix of positive responses. I guess we all secretly wish we were joining you and your buddys on your special treat but the hot tub would be a tad over-crowded, though I'm just a wee guy so could squeeze in easily. . . JR

Karen1970 in reply to JediReject

I would be extremely happy to enjoy a spa day with you all. Have a lovely weekend xx

JediReject in reply to Karen1970

Hey Karen - have a great day with 'the girls' tomorrow. . . Soak it all up and their moneys worth. . JR

Karen1970 in reply to JediReject

Thank you. I'm a little anxious but taken all your advice and going to enjoy it xxx

JediReject in reply to Karen1970

How'd it go then. Hope you and your girlfriends chilled your beans and had a lovely experience. JRx

Karen1970 in reply to JediReject

Good morning. It was lovely thank you, I had my nails painted and a light massage and turned into a very wrinkly lady just sitting in the pool relaxing. I would definitely recommend it. Now on to my next challenge ... The Shine Walk for MPN and I have a lot of training to do (and weight to move). Please keep yourself well and continue making us smile and laugh and your lovely, lifting replies xx

I had a spa day a couple of years ago and spoke to my Doctor beforehand. She said just don't mention it at all. It is spas being over careful for insurance reasons. Any way it is mainly for tumour cancer with its lymph system risks. So I say just go and enjoy, I am very envious

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