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Spa treatments


Hi quick question,

I have et jak 2 on aspirin and interferon once a week 45mg.

My husband bought me a spa stay in for my bday. Me and my friends booked full body massage. I just found out I can't have full body massage without doctors note. I was all ready to go in the treatment room.

Iam so upset as it's my bday weekend with my friends. I meant to relax and forget about everything instead Iam in tears it's so upsetting I honestly didn't know I need doc note for massage. Did someone experience something similar.

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Hi my daughter also bought me a massage in Debenhams beauty spa and they refused to give me it once I had completed the disclaimer/medical sheet. I had no idea I could have a massage they didn’t even tell me I could if I got a doctors note.

I too was very disappointed but I ended up having a manicure and my eyebrows done so still got to be pampered.

We just have to try to find different ways of having relaxing times.

Hope you took full use of the spa’s other facilities.

Hello, I’m so sorry that you had your special treat spoiled. I have a little experience to offer. I have trained as a Beauty Therapist and before each treatment you are obligated to ask the Client medical questions to check if they are contra indicated for treatment. These contra indications include broadly, cancer and history of thrombosis.

The thrombosis element is pretty self explanatory and because of the element of lymphatic stimulation/drainage in massage you really wouldn’t want to treat someone with certain types of cancer (not ours) because of the risk of causing it to spread through the lymphatic system.

Some establishments are very rigid with these ‘rules’ mainly because a lack of understanding and a fear of being sued if something goes awry. It’s easier to refuse treatment than to get it wrong.

My understanding, after consulting with my Haematologist is that there isn’t any issue with having spa treatments with ET but I would stress without having had previous thrombotic events. I recently went to a very well known spa in Bath without a Doctors note, my Consultant said it wasn’t necessary, and enjoyed a full body massage with any issues. I was honest about my condition and explained it to my Therapist. A common sense approach to me, from a Therapist’s perspective, would be that it’s unlikely that someone is going to put there life at risk for a massage if they’ve been advised against it.

It might be better next time you visit a spa to get a Doctors note, just to save you any anxiety more than anything, but don’t let this experience stop you from taking some time to spoil yourself.

Take care, Joanne x

There really should be no reason why you shouldn’t have a massage. Knowledgeable therapists are unlikely to refuse but some salons have a blanket rule. It does seem unreasonable that you weren’t alerted to this in advance or that they weren’t prepared for you to explain about MPNs. I’m not sure I’d have a deep tissue massage these days but I can’t see why a gentle pampering massage should be an issue. I hope they substituted some other treatments. And Happy Birthday. 🎉💐🍾

Thank you for all your messages.

I had a nice day/night in the end. After my 2 hour meltdown. I was just shocked and upset. But after sauna and Jacuzzi with my friends I was fine.

Will get a doctor note just in case and keep it in my bag for the future treatments.

I just wanted everyone know about my spa experience as I did want anyone to go through this like I did yesterday

Keep well everyone x

That is so unfortunate... I have had several massages since my PV diagnosis, mostly while on holiday, with no problems. I am glad you still enjoyed your day. Xxx

Elab in reply to Susana7

Thank you

We all need a massage with this kind of stress! At my hospital you are entitled to up to 6 free at Cancer Force because you do have these conditions!!!!

Elab in reply to Boss1

That's what I thought and my doctor didn't think it will be a problem. I am having my check up app in 2 weeks so I will def ask for a letter to avoid any problems for the future


Hi Elab, sorry you had such a bad experience on your birthday treat, this information on our website might help

Elab in reply to Mazcd

Thank you Maz

Sorry for your experience. Can't comment re spa as you wouldn't find me there unless I was dead. I was put on interferon when it had to be self administered by injection. Didn't take it for long as I found it increased my itching which I believe is now a recognised side effect.

Elab in reply to skodaguy

U made me smile with your spa comment.

Sorry bout your side effect after taking interferon. I had completely different experience my itching was gone after 6 months on interferon.

I use to have my eyebrows wax as I didn't like threading. I was told by the lady doing my eyebrows that I shouldn't have my eyebrows waxed any more, due to my skin being sensitive. Lovely lady she comes to my house and have them tweezed

Elab in reply to linphy

I have my eyebrow wax every month with no problem. I guess everyone is different. I used to suffer from itchy scalp bit that's gone since I started interferon. Using normal shampoos and creams.

No I have t but I was light headed for a few days- I drank alcohol think I got dehydrated

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