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Travel insurance- anyone got a Barclays Additions account? Oh, & thinning hair update!

Travel insurance- anyone got a Barclays Additions account? Oh, & thinning hair update!

Off to Spain in a couple of weeks to see my ex pat mate and with that comes that little flying niggle I guess we all have. Flight socks at the ready! Also, as I have a Barclays Additions account which you pay a monthly fee for for benefits like breakdown cover etc plus it includes hol insurance, I thought I'd better check I was covered for my PV. Apparently so & I have received a covering letter to say so. Brilliant! As for using the Mane & Tail shampoo/conditioner which was recommended for thinning/fine hair....its blooming marvellous! Paid £7 for BOTH off EBay. Mind you, have started shying when a car passes me whilst walking & carrots are looking more & more attractive. Charlie, my mutt, recommends it too as you can see from the pic! Stay well dear friends, got my 6 month check on Thurs-fingers crossed all will be good. Poll x

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Hi Poll, I have a Barclays additions account, so that's very interesting info re being covered for your PV. I will have to confirm I am covered for my ET. I think I'd better try the shampoo too as my hair thinning too. If it makes me want more carrots no bad thing eh, will help increase my veg intake! Hope your check up goes well and enjoy Spain. Liz C xx. Ps luv the mutt, gorgeous!


Enjoy your holiday! Will have to try the mane and tail.

Don't go jumping any fences! X


Hi Polly! Love the photo!

I'll post one in a minute to make you laugh....... My hair's thinning a bit too but hey, if that's all that we have to worry about so be it.

We flew again for the first time in five years, a couple of weeks ago ( Mallorca - glorious) and everything was absolutely fine. Don't know what I was so concerned about.

I wore my flight socks going out - over my jeans and socks because they make my legs prickle and itch fearfully ( aka aquagenic pruritis) I looked such a twit, couldn't quite pull them up far enough so had about four inches flapping off the end of my foot. Lovely sight when I schlepped off to the loo.

The gentle spring sunshine was such a boost and I'd recommend it to anyone.




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