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Checkup Day ,

Hi all hope your keeping well , & keeping warm , in this cool snap ,

hospital 3pm for me checkup time , finger crossed all's well :) , I've had a good 8 weeks since last check , just a we bit neuralgia this weekend but cought it quick with meds ,

I'm keeping healthy by counting cals & lots of Exercise treadmill stationary Bike & walking my dog , it does make a huge difference in my overall fitness & health

Catch you all later with my results ️xx

Pam x,

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Hi Pam, managing to keep warm, just, in this cold weather, loads of layers when I take my dog out. Good luck at your check up later today, hope all goes well. Maz x x x


Hi Maz , Thanx for that :)

yes are dogs keep us fit and motivated , have a wonderful day , I'm at work now but nearly finished :)

Until wed


Wish you good luck Pam.


All x for you,Good Luck


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