Busy weekend ,judging a dog show at Clacton ..boy was I beat after 5 hours on my feet !!

Busy weekend ,judging a dog show at Clacton ..boy was I beat after 5 hours on my feet !!

Keeping busy ,,keeping alert and contacted ,that's the secret !! Never allow the blood problem to rule your life ..always say "I can try " not " I can't do it " ....eat well, sleep regular ,go to bed tired ..be positive ..friends are important ,so, talk yout troubles away ! ..twinkly. Xx

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  • What a superb Airedale,we had them when I was a little girl,my father. Great fan of the breed.

    You are so right Twinkly ,to keep going with a positive role that stops the thinking of having a strange illness,but we are lucky to have a good career that keeps us going,some people don't have that.However,tho I push on,working at the moment for an exhibition,the fatigue does catch up,this week I am struggling to keep awake !!So pleased to know you are back on track again after your 'blip'Gives everyone a boost.Best wishes,x

  • If you are getting the dreaded fatigue ,drink lots of energy type drinks ,I went through 2 bottles of water on Saturday ,as I was judging the dogs ,it keeps me focused ,,I'm eating baby size meals it seems to be better for my digestion .my appointment has arrived for the pain clinic on Friday afternoon ..I'm hoping for an injection into my worn out knee joint ,to keep me going ,new baby Russian to start showing on Sunday ,named Georgia .wish me luck !! Twinkly. Xx

  • Hey hey Twinkly good to see you're back on top form , , congrats on your judging , not an easy thing to do I'd say, and good luck with showing your pup Georgia on Sunday. What a full life you lead , I'm envious of all the activity. . But I will be packing plenty in when I get through this hiccup in my life. . . (Well it's a big burp really). .

    Great to see a lovely cheerful positive posting from our top lass Twinkly. .

    By the way I think my wife is an expert at talking troubles away judging by the amount of time she spends on the phone ☎. . Chris x

  • Now J,R. I want to suggest something to you ..I have a strong feeling ,you can and should write ..I think you have a deep knowledge. Untapped ..is it poetry or maybe

    A story ? You already know ..put a pen to paper ..you will shine ,my wayward son ..lets see how right I am .. Twinkly x

  • I do write a bit you know, mainly poetry , I wrote several when in Manc Royal, I sometimes write a few bits for my grand-daughter, and I wrote a tribute to my Great Uncle killed in France 1918. . So I do a bit. . Very therapeutic.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence my friend. . . Love xx

  • Hear hear Twinkly! You are looking on form ( and dog looks pretty good too!) despite everything and your positive spirit keeps us all on right track. Liz xx

  • Pleased you are nearly back to your old self J R,I've been a bit off line a bit but following your progress,Twinkly is right,set something down on paper...maybe funny Experiences with your illness and Hospital....people love true life stories of courage overcoming desperate situations,esp written with humour.Keep progressing,warm wishes from sunny S W Fr..and best luck x

  • You look very well Twinkly...you have such a wonderful positive attitude. I agree with Chris, judging can't be easy....very tiring mentally and physically I would imagine.

    Thank you for your cheery posts. Sandy x

  • Looking good as usual Twinkly! You're very luck to be a judge at dog shows, although how you choose between them I don't know! I do know that my own dogs are the best in the world though!!


  • Lizzie you have the right idea!! Your own dogs are the best ,as it should be ...they are the best therapy in the world ,,I do use mine as therapy dogs for those sometimes sad people in care homes ,or somedays visit house folk with my little poodles ,,"pat dogs "u,k, ... I did go to Addenbrooks hospital for 10 years as a visitor ..but I am too worried about infections nowadays ,its a really enjoyable way of making friends ,,,,twink...

  • You are looking great and so well. An inspiration to all of us ladies of mature years (only in ages not in minds).

    My friend has had 3 Airedales, the first being called Derek so to us they are always known as Derek dogs!

    You must have passed almost the end of my road to judge the Clacton dog show if you came from the Cambridge area via the A120.

    So important to concentrate on what we can do and NOT on what we can't, I think.

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