Summer is here - oh dear help!!!

This is my first summer since being diagnosed with PV in December. I have been doing really well and take hydroxy 500 mg daily and venesection monthly. But I'm now feeling dreadful ever since the temperature has risen. I know all about dealing with the sun but need some help/advice on coping with the heat. I'm keeping hydrated and keeping the house cool but I still feel sick and lethargic and come out in a sweat when doing the slightest thing. The itching is also bad. Can anyone give me some tips? I'm sorry to be so negative but I'm feeling desperate.


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  • Hello Hilary sorry you are having a hard time with the heat - unfortunately it is a bit of a MPN thing that heat is a challenge and this "humid" heat we get in the UK such as recent days is trying. Cant really recommend much extra to what you are doing- certainly much water is essential a little bottle with you all times for sips along the way, I always think to keep ahead of hydration by regular drinking bit more than you would have before does help. I always have fans at home and office windows wide open but it can be hardgoing so empathy coming to you. It does help as counts get well controlled on treatment too I always find when my counts are lower its better so keep your consultant informed so that your treatment dosage continues to be tweaked. All the best

  • Thank you so much for your support


  • Hi Hilarya

    The heat can be really hard for us. The body shop do a vitamin e water spray which is great to cool the face and an ice pack to the back of the neck always helps me. I hope this helps.

    Mel x

  • Hi Mel

    Thank you so much for the tips. It's really helpful - I had forgotten about face spray and ice pack and it's always good to hear from someone who knows exactly what it's like from personal experience.

    All the best


  • Any time x

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