Does anyone have trouble replying to posts?

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else has the hassle of having to log in every time they'd like to reply to a post?

I'm not always at home when I read my emails, and as I don't carry my password with me, it's incredibly maddening. I have ticked the " keep me logged in " box but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

I've also emailed the operators of the site to have a whinge but they say it's to protect my security.

I think I might opt out if this carries on any longer - not doing my blood pressure any good!



2 Replies

  • I'm on your side Louise ,I liked the site as was !! I lost three days in the change over ,I'm still not sure how to refresh when I log back in ,,it's so dis jointed now ..

  • Hi Louise and Twinkly, I know that a lot of people have been having problems, not just in our community but in others since the change over, all I can say is keep telling HealthUnlocked so that they are aware and maybe they might make some changes. Maz

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