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Does hydroxycarbomide have effect on partner

I have asked this question on other forums and it's something that j would really like a definitive answer to.

My husband takes hydroxycarbomide 7 days a week and has done for about 18 months now.

We are sexually active and I would like to know if the hydroxycarbomide is transferring to me.

I am getting more and more skin rashes and my skin is extremely sensitive when it never was.

The fact that he takes it constantly coupled with the fact that we are sexually active is troubling me now.

Should protection be used? I am not likely to get pregnant.

I would be grateful for your responses as I asked GP and he said no it was fine but I'm not so sure.

Thank You

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I scousesbird sorry but I cannot help you. I was of the understanding that it wasn’t transferable.


I was concerned that I would be transferring to my husband and asked the oncologist about it before ever taking it. He seemed confident that it was such a small amount of chemo that it wouldn't affect him. Hope you find a definite answer.


Thank you. I wasn't bothered but sorry to be crude but this is 3 or 4 times a week not now and again. I am wondering if I should maybe get bloods done to check. The rash I have at present is not an allergic reaction. I've not had a rash like this before. I can't go to docs as they are closed. I would think its more a problem (if there is one when the man is on chemo).


When I started hydroxy we were given some printed info sheets and they recommended using condoms as there was a risk of transfer. We decided not to worry as was minimum amount but it definitely mentioned it. Will see if Ican find the sheet at some point to check if there was any more information.

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Thank you. We were given nothing. We weren't even told about PV - had to find out for ourselves. I know cancer uk says about condoms but the general consensus seems to be wear if likely to get pregnant.


Just found the info sheet. It is from McMillan. Cannot read the full weblunk. I have mcmillan.org.uk/cancerinfor... rest of link not printed.


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