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Does anyone else have trouble with replying to posts?

Does anyone else have trouble with replying to posts? I have just written a long reply to Mel / Harley Davidson re taking hydroxicarbamide which I hoped would be useful ( I've been on it for 5 years )

Having written it, I was asked - again - to log in.

I tried to log in with my usual password, which I was told didn't work, so went - again - to forgotten your password.

Reset my password, ticking - again - the keep me logged in box .

Meanwhile this stupid site had deleted my long reply to Mel.

Quite honestly I very rarely look at posts now but just delete them when they pop up in my emails.

I can feel my blood pressure rising every time I try to use the site!

No wonder they don't offer a phone number contact, they'd probably be inundated with irritated posters!

Grumpily, Louise!


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Hee Hee, Hi Louise ,

I usually manage to stay logged in, but find the site much less user friendly than when I first joined 3 years ago. For me, the improvements they have made are not improvements and I also do not read or reply to many posts now. It's so frustrating! Hope you and the family are all well? I have my lot round for a barbeque this afternoon.

Take care

Judy xx


Hi, like you I have become so frustrated with the site that I only look at it rarely. I am told that my password is not correct, if I do manage to log in I do not stay logged in. This is a pity as the idea is good but they have a big problem.

If I need to know something I would rather be n touch with Maz, who is always reliable.

Do not let your blood pressure rise, deep breath and continue with living. Life is good. X

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Hi! Well finally managed it first time. Yey!

Thanks for your input - such a shame as it really is a good site.



I have sent an email to the HealthUnlocked team to tell them about these problems and that our members are not happy, I will let you know what they say. Maz x


Hi Louise. Thank you for trying, I can give you my email if you like. Mel x


For long answers, composing somewhere else and cutting and pasting is more reliable (unless, like me now, you're writing the answer on your phone on a bouncy bus on potholed roads).


I have had a response from HealthUnlocked to say that they have received other complaints about staying logged on and they are going to look into it. Maz


Hi Maz,

Thanks for trying.

I too have been in contact ( more than once, very irate as you can imagine) - I hardly ever reply now to posts because it's such a faff.

I'm ticked on the keep me logged in but constantly have to log in every time I want to reply. Grrrrrrr.

Got better things to do!




I have now had this reply from HealthUnlocked about the problems with posting replies :

Hi Maz,

Thanks for your reply. We believe the problems are are connected.

Users are clicking on the email notifications, landing on the community while logged off and not getting enough guidance about logging in before trying to reply or post – they don’t notice. If they try to reply to a post while logged off the text is lost. We will improve that user journey as soon as possible!


yes some rejected some not and can not private message at the moment frustrating


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